Scare the Hell Out Of Me

We all have fears, but everybody would rather we talk about phobias. Sure, I guess it’s fun to hear people bond over how much clowns and spiders terrify them; I would definitely consider that a lighthearted conversation. And I think that might be why talking about our irrational fears happens more often than bringing up the ones that actually hit us where it hurts. You … Continue reading Scare the Hell Out Of Me


Hey guys!

I just realized that my last entry was my 100th post—that’s pretty exciting!

I’m not really sure if that’s a thing people celebrate, but let me just use this moment to thank everyone who takes their time to read my content. Continue reading “100”

Hold On, Okay?

Allie used to be a hyperactive child, and her parents didn’t know how to deal with it. Dad would go to his office, and leave his wife to deal with the “colicky” child. Her mother, Nora, would sit her down on the couch, and tell her to take a moment and breathe. And like the good daughter she was, Allie would listen for as long as she could. Continue reading “Hold On, Okay?”

Are You Seriously Reading That Again?

Well, why not? When I first got into reading, I really got into it. Depending on the length, and how much homework I had, I could read a novel in between one and three days. In a whole summer, read almost the entire teen section in my local library. Minus the manga area, because you know, I just couldn’t get into it. I don’t read … Continue reading Are You Seriously Reading That Again?