Dreaming of a White Christmas (in November)

Hi, everybody! It’s been a long while since I last posted, and my heart has missed writing, so here’s a little update on how I feel:

So lately, I have been in a very Christmas-y mood, and I find it to be pretty strange. It started right before Halloween, constantly talking of the holidays and how excited I am for some of my favorite things: the fuzzy socks, the different colored leaves, the cardigans, the blankets. These are all things I anticipate all year, every year. This year in particular, I’ve actually been most excited for the actual holidays: staying up late Christmas Eve to pack the hidden presents under the tree, smelling the house fill with the aroma of all of the food on Thanksgiving, the dressing up to go out everywhere. This has never happened to me before. Continue reading “Dreaming of a White Christmas (in November)”