Bet You Thought You’d Seen the Last of Me

Ya girl is back!

So I’ve been stuck in a rut lately. I’ve been feeling stuck in general, and the only way I know to get myself out is to write, so here I am.

I’m going to try something new for myself, I’m going to do a weekly thing. Every Tuesday, I am going to list things. That’s right, the segment of sorts is called Top Ten Tuesdays. It won’t necessarily always be ten things, but I will try my hardest to keep it at ten. It honestly just sounded better than Top Tuesdays. 

And Fridays, I will do another thing that I will personally call Freestyle Fridays. I will write about any goddamn thing I want to, whether it’s a popular current topic, something I’m going through, or just what’s going on in my head at the time being. Friday posts will be just about anything that comes to mind. I guess that’s why they call it freestyle.

Ba-dum tsss

(I am full of lame jokes.)

Anyway, I will also be starting up another page called Adventures in Hazzyland, and it will be short stories or poems. My creativity can’t all be lists and thoughts. I need to put the random stories that are always popping in my head somewhere, too, so you will be able to find it at It is currently running, but I have yet to personalize it or write anything, but hopefully I’ll have it up by this Saturday. (That’ll be called Short Story Saturday, in case you wanted to know).

I figured it would be easier for me to give myself certain days for each thing, so this way I give myself a deadline. If I don’t have a deadline, chances are I won’t post anything. So yeah, if you are ever wondering what I’m up to, it’s possible that I will write about it.

My first Tuesday post will be posted right after I come back from dinner.

(It’s chili night!)

Eternally Yours,


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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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