Top Ten Favorite Moments with my Best Friends from College

Since today commemorates the third friendiversary between me and my roommates from college, Megan and Olivia (better known as Shniv), I will start my first Top Ten Tuesday with something about them. I have so many great memories with them—hell, just about every memory I have with them is good—but I will try my best to name some of my favorites.

1. It’s My Money and I Need it Now

My sophomore year, my roommates and I spent a lot of time in our bedroom. Our only window in our shoebox room opened out towards the courtyard, which was boxed in by three res halls. Basically, if you had your window open any night between 9pm and 3am (ESPECIALLY from Thursday to Sunday), you had to be a heavy sleeper to not hear the chaos in the courtyard. People would hang out down there or yell out their windows, and one night, Meg, Shniv, and I were listening to a whole bunch of people yelling random things, including the regular “leedle leedle leedle”. Then, out of nowhere, someone shouted “It’s my money and I need it now!” Now, don’t ask why it got to me, because I don’t remember. All I can remember was the three of us laughing, and then falling off my bed and not being able to breathe.

2. Study Sessions

Have you ever tried to study with friends? It’s the worst idea ever, unless if your friend group isn’t easily distracted. Mine is, 100%. We’ve had countless “study sessions” that easily turned into literally anything else: snack time, debating on who’s cuter, venting about everything, just being our weird selves. One time, we ended up playing hide and seek in the library, just to avoid doing our work. Another time, we took a classroom to study for finals, which turned into a pop culture quiz, and me pretending to be a weather woman. Study sessions were never truly a good idea, but each one of them concluded into new inside jokes and happy times to think about.

Spoiler: we did eventually get our work done.

3. Adventures Down North Ave

North Avenue was like our main street. If you don’t have a car on campus, chances are you’re walking just about everywhere you go. We had a CVS that was up the block a bit, so we took many trips there, shenanigans in tow. We also liked to go the opposite direction towards the high school, and hang out by the lake behind it. If you walked further down North Ave, probably about a mile or so, you would walk up to another busy area, with multiple shopping centers. Three years ago from today, that was where we ended up. It was probably our most adventurous day together, because none of us knew where we were going, but we were having fun, nonetheless. We stopped in an old cemetery too, which was probably the coolest part of the trip for me. I hope I never forget that day. It was definitely one of my favorites.

4. Ding Dong Ditch

Occasionally, when we were super bored, Meg, Shniv, and I would take a field trip through Loftus Hall. This building has ten residential floors, and we would take the elevator to the top. I think you see where this is going.

The first time this happened, it was not the intentional thing for us to do. We just wanted to check the place out earlier that year. Shniv thought she was funny, knocked on a random yellow door, and bolted for the stairwell. Meg and I followed suit. Sometimes we had other friends with us, sometimes we did not. Sometimes, we didn’t know which door we were going to knock on and run away from; other times, we aimed for our friends’ rooms, or even suites that inhabited people we didn’t like. We would do this all the way from the tenth floor to the first (because running down stairs is easier than running up), just because it was something to keep us busy and laugh about.

Did anyone ever catch us? I don’t remember—and I don’t think so—but someone might have at some point. I just know that that was the most exercise I had that year of my life, and that it was so funny to hear people open their doors, with no one in sight.

5. Hide and Seek with Jenson and Tyler

Freshman year, we had a suitemate named Karly. In October that year, she purchased a 4-foot stand up decoration of a creepy old butler that held out a dish, and put him in our small foyer (of sorts) to hold out candy for Halloween. He quickly became a part of our suite, and we named him Jenson. I loved how he greeted people at the door, and how freaked out our floor mates were every time they opened the door. Our RA at the time, Tyler, did not like him whatsoever. He shrieked the first time he saw Jenson, and it was hilarious.

Not much later after that incident, it was time to redecorate our hall for Halloween. Meg, Shniv, our floor mates Amani and Roseanne, and I somehow managed to move Jenson from our suite down the hall to Tyler’s shower before it was time to go to bed. We said goodnight to Tyler, and stayed outside his room quietly until he finally hopped in the shower. During our time waiting—which ended up being a long time—someone farted, and I won’t name anyone to embarrass them. (You know who you are.) It was so funny because it was all that we heard from being so quiet, that we almost blew our cover.

It was so worth it to hear a 21-year-old man shriek again.

6. Global Citizens Festival, Parts 1 and 2
left to right: Sinead, Megan, Me, Olivia, Julianne. September 2015

Every year for the last five years, Global Citizens holds a concert in Central Park for people who sign up to spread the word about worldly issues. Last year was the first year the three of us went together, plus two of Megan’s friends from home, Julianne and Sinéad. The five of us grouped up with other friends from school, and took the train into Grand Central, but split off from there. We walked from all the way up to about 65th East, crossed through Central Park, and had to go all the way back to Columbus Circle to get on line, where we stayed for like two hours. Once we were in, we set up camp, and had a ball. Between Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé’s sets, I was more alive than probably ever. We stayed until Michelle Obama was finishing up her speech, and then we bounced to go back home to Iona. To bed, sweet bed.


A much better view at Global Citizens Festival. September 2016

This past experience was so much better, adventure wise. Sinéad took an internship in the city this summer, so she knew her way around the subway system. We were able to take a subway right to Columbus Circle, and walked so much further up to the end of the line than the year before. The wait was longer, sure, but it was so worth it. We could actually see the performers on stage this time. I personally liked the headliners from last year more, but getting to hear Demi Lovato, Major Lazer, and Ellie Goulding was like a dream come true. I just wished they were on stage longer. Both experiences with the Global Citizens Festival were so amazing, I wouldn’t have given them up for anything. It was only much better with my two of my favorite people by my side, and two other amazing girls joining.


7. Is this Awkward?

Flashback to our very first night as freshmen in college: three girls, who have never met prior to this day, were getting ready to go to bed. Shniv and I had bunk beds: her on the top, and I on the bottom. Meg had her own bed, lofted above her desk, parallel to our beds. We all finally got comfortable in our skinny, long, sad excuses for beds, when something whizzes past my head to hit the floor.

“Oh, is this awkward?” Shniv asked, breaking the silence between the three of us. “Those were my retainers.”

And with that, all three of us burst into laughter. That was all it took to remove just about all awkwardness between the girls that would become so close. I wasn’t there to see it, because I didn’t show up until a day later, but her retainers fell the very first day of our sophomore year, too.

8. Let’s Get Wierd

Since Megan joined one of the sororities at Iona, she had to do a lot of crafting freshman year. I did some too, mostly because I did good amount of the decorations in our hall, but all three of us got into the crafty spirit. They would help me do the door decs, and I would help do whatever they needed. Sooner or later, we got more into canvases. During Christmas break our sophomore year, I put together a canvas with a lot of our inside jokes, labeled The Gaels Room in the center, for our room. Meg and Shniv loved it, and we put it on Megan’s closet, in the middle of the room. Only a while later, did Shniv point out a little flaw.

“Um, Hazard,” she called. “You spelt weird wrong.”

I SPELT WEIRD AS WIERD. I thought I was going to have a conundrum, but it was too perfect. Between the three of us, we constantly mess up our words. I am probably the worst out of the three, mostly because they still haven’t dropped the way I pronounced epitome for the first time in front of them. I read it as ep-it-oh-m, not ep-it-ah-mee. Having spelt the word weird wrong was too funny, and so perfect for the canvas. I just wish I knew I did that beforehand, so I could have passed it off as intentional.

9. Killa Place

The youngest of the three, Shniv, is from a little town called Miller Place. During this past summer, Megan and I spent a weekend at her house with her and her family. It was different than the usual school setting. You know how when the setting and people around you changes, sometimes your personality does, too? This is not the case.

That trip out east was such a great time. We got our time together after such a long time of being apart, and even got to experience a little piece of Shniv’s home life. Her goofball parents were so good to us, and her mom even played a nice game of Pictionary with us, Shniv’s boyfriend, Adam, and his brother, Ryan.

We got to hang out that the beach, down Port Jeff, at Shniv’s favorite place, and had an amazing time just getting to hang out without school stress or drama. It was definitely one of my absolute favorite times with my uglies.

 10. We Should Have a TV Show
The words “we should have a TV show” were said way too often between Meg, Shniv, and I. We said and did a lot of stupid things in our freshman and sophomore years of college, and they were the absolute best. From Mom and Dad are gone, to our deep talks, to everything in between, we’ve been through a lot together in such a short amount of time. (Let’s not forget to mention my countless Oh Shit moments.)

The words “can you imagine if there were hidden cameras?” were spoken several times as well, because we would have had a hit comedy on our hands. Imagine Practical Jokers meets The Office as college girls, and that was basically The Gaels Room. We were absolutely ridiculous, and I loved every minute of it.

There you have it, ten of my favorite memories. Okay, some were vaguer than others, but hey, I had a lot to choose from! This three-year-long friendship has been one of the most special relationships I’ve ever had in my entire life, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more from these two ladies. I owe a lot of my happiness to them, and I continue to hope that this lasts for a very long time.

Happy friendiversary, guys. Te Amo.

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