Look at this Photograph

This picture was taken in 2013, the summer before college, at the Deer Park location of the Tanger Outlets. We finally graduated from Brentwood (whoop whoop), and I was ready for new adventures, but I wasn’t ready to go somewhere without two of my closest friends at the time. Jeanette was leaving to go to Cortland, Amanda was going to St. Joseph’s, and I was leaving for Iona College. It was such a weird transition in our lives.

I’m pretty sure we went to see a movie that day, although I couldn’t tell you which one. I do not remember.

(I don’t remember a lot of things, sue me.)

I do remember being super excited to leave the only town I had ever known, and I remember being super nervous to not be around Jeanette, who I was so used to seeing every single day; and Amanda, who I had just started to get super close to, even though I’d known her as long as I knew Nette. We had classes together, went to the outlets together, and watched each other grow up since we were eleven years old. I felt like it was going to be odd not seeing them so often.

me nette amanda
Me, Amanda, and Jeanette at the Tanger Outlets before our first semester at college. July 2013

I love this picture, even though you can clearly see that we weren’t exactly “camera ready”. Jeanette and Amanda are still two of my best friends, and in fifteen days, my best friend is going to be my date to my other best friend’s wedding. (Isn’t that crazy?!)


I’m super excited for what’s in store for all three of us; separately as individuals, but also together as friends.

Prompt: Choose a random old photo in your phone. Explain what’s going on in it: who’s in it, when it was taken, etc.

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