If Days of the Week were People

Everybody knows Monday is the worst. She struts around the place in her Louis Vuitton’s, waiting to strike her next victim. Everybody avoids eye contact, but they also know when she’s coming around the corner. She knows we all talk shit about her, but she doesn’t care. She is a tornado, and we are all cattle, just waiting to be thrown around. Think: Heather Chandler from The Heathers, Regina George from Mean Girls.


Tuesday is basically the friend that is always found working hard, just so she can be noticed. By the time she’s around, people are starting to put in the work they didn’t have the energy to with Monday, but nobody appreciates her as much as they do Friday or Sunday. She’s all about work, work, work, while everyone else is trying to party. She doesn’t care what they think about her—YAWN—because she loves to work. Think: Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation.


Wednesday is a guy that everybody likes, but doesn’t necessarily love. He just kind of saunters around, not completely sure where he’s headed. Wednesday doesn’t feel very strongly about politics—or at least if he does, nobody knows about it because nobody dares to ask. He feels like he doesn’t have to go down one certain path, so he just moves along, seeing where life takes him. He’d rather enjoy the ride than take on the reins. Think: Shaggy from Scooby Doo.


Haaaave you met Thursday? He is everybody’s hype man. They all love this guy, even though he doesn’t always have the best intentions. Thursday is pretty cocky, although he mistakes it for confidence a lot of the time. He also doesn’t really know how to handle himself, but puts on a brave face for his audience. Once it’s five o’clock, Thursday is ready to party, regardless of what everybody thinks. He’s basically a cannonball, ready to explode. Think: Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother


Sometimes classy, sometimes trashy, and always sassy, Friday is everybody’s go-to girl. After finishing up all her hard work, she becomes everything Monday wishes she could be: carefree, a breath of fresh air, and loved by all. Everyone needs a little bit of her in their lives, and she knows exactly how to give it to them—whether it be by throwing a great party, or staying at home with the family. You just can’t seem to get enough of her, but she’s got to go to sleep sometime. Think: Veronica Lodge from Riverdale.


Saturday most likely slept in because Friday keeps him out late, but once he’s awake, he is ready to party. He knows just how to make everyone feel like a part of his crowd, and he doesn’t say no to a good time (unless he truly needs some down time). He loves the outdoors, especially if it means there’s going to be a barbeque going. Saturday is essentially the baby of the group, but nobody really cares, because he’s low maintenance and always the life of the party. Think: Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation.

saturday fr.gif

Sunday is the girl that takes care of everybody before they all have to deal with Monday; she’s essentially the mom of the group. Sunday puts as much as she can in order, so her friends can sleep in. Everybody loves her, but hate that when she’s around, that can only mean that her scary older sister, Monday, isn’t too far away. Sunday wishes she could be more like Friday, but understands that she has responsibilities. Think: Caroline Forbes from The Vampire Diaries.


Prompt: Describe the days of the week as if they were people.


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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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