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The Sound of Music (1965)


One of my very first posts was about my love for Julie Andrews, and how this movie is so important for me. Originally, I was going to put The Princess Diaries on this list, instead, but then I figured that since I’ve seen this movie many more times than that one, this is the one made the list. I could literally never get enough of the legend that is Julie.

Grease (1978)


If you ever ask my mom what her favorite movie is, it’s this one. Because of this, I know basically every single word to this movie. I am not ashamed nor annoyed by this fact. (Fun fact: I was Sandy for Halloween three different years. I am also not ashamed by this.)

Annie (1982)


My love for Annie runs deep; it was the only movie I knew about a little girl that was a redhead, just like me. I would watch this movie constantly when I was younger. Tomorrow was my jam as a child. Oma didn’t want a little kid like me watching a movie with an alcoholic in it at the time, but I couldn’t help myself. Oh well.

Dirty Dancing (1987)


I began my 22nd year with this movie, and I made a great decision by doing so. Similar to Grease, I know Dirty Dancing way too well. (It was another of Mom’s favorites, so if it was on TV, it was going to be played.) ABC released a “remake” this year, which was a horrible idea, since you could never find someone to fill in Patrick Swayze’s dancing shoes, but I digress. Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

The Little Mermaid (1989)

little mermaid

Another redhead on the big screen, Ariel became my favorite Disney princess by default. I still love her, even though I’ll be honest: she was a boy-crazy brat. She was willing to never see her family again, just so she could be with a guy she thought was cute but didn’t really know. Like, what?! She’s lucky Triton felt bad for her at the end of the movie.

(Also, Ursula is my fave Disney villain.)

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

harry sally

Five words: “I’ll have what she’s having.” When Harry Met Sally is honestly so funny without trying so hard, and I could totally picture this kind of thing happen in real life. In my opinion, it’s a classic.

Aladdin (1992)


If you didn’t have a crush on this street rat, you’re lying to yourself. The characters are lovable, and the music is so magical. I even bared through The Return of Jafar because of the other characters, and fell in love again with The King of Thieves. How could you not love this Disney classic?

Hocus Pocus (1993)


Hocus Pocus is the best Halloween movie, in my opinion. (And if you don’t agree with that, we can’t be friends.) I will watch this movie a hundred times every October until I die.

Clueless (1995)


This movie is everything: the lingo, the relationships, and it was the official initiation of my huge crush on Paul Rudd. I wanted Cher’s closet (and house) so bad. And I have to point out that this was the breakout movie for Brittany Murphy, who played Tai.

Toy Story (1995)

toy story

When I was little, both of my parents worked, so I spent my days mostly at Oma’s house. Back when Aunt Roxanne still lived there, I would sneak up into her room wake her up, and ask her to put on Toy Story for me every single morning. She might know this movie as well as I do. (Watching Toy Story 3 was a very emotional time for me. I’m a crier.)

Hercules (1997)


I am super into Greek mythology, and Hercules may or may not everything to do with that. It’s not all accurate, but just being introduced to the legends and myths was so interesting, that I’ve never stopped wanting to learn more. And the music in this Disney movie is basically untouchable; there’s not one song that’s bad. (And I may or may not go to bed watching it most nights.)

My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)


This is, by far, my favorite movie starring Julia Roberts. The story is entertaining to follow, and the ending is actually kind of realistic, so you’re not rolling your eyes. (But you might get a little mad.) I’m a sucker for all things wedding, and there will be one day where I will get an entire table of people to sing a song with me.

Mulan (1998)


Let’s be real, the music makes this entire movie. The music makes every Disney movie. Okay, and the fact that a female saved all of China helps, too.

The Parent Trap (1998)


The movie starring Lindsay Lohan and Lindsay Lohan, where they get their parents back together after twelve years of being separated by a freaking ocean. Honestly, I love this movie. I really do. I just don’t know who thought it sounded realistic that divorcing parents would think, Hey… you keep a child, I’ll keep a child. We’ll never have to see each other again. It’s a perfect plan. Oh, and who the hell does Meredith Blake think she is?

The Wedding Singer (1998)

wedding singer

Most people that know me, know that I love Adam Sandler’s movies. I literally have no idea why, and I know that a lot of people say his movies are crap, but I really don’t care. The Wedding Singer is just so hysterical, and it was the beginning of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore starring in movies together. I guess I just really enjoy cheesy movies.

Big Daddy (1999)


I know it’s another Sandler movie, but I had to put it on the list. I enjoy watching it too much to pass it up. (And I also really enjoy the fact that Cole and Dylan Sprouse play the little boy, Julian.)

Legally Blonde (2001)


Reese Witherspoon rocks, and even though he portrays a douche, Victor Garber rocks. That’s all you need to know. (P.S.: Victor Garber plays Mr. Warbucks in the 1999 version of Annie. He’s amazing in that, too.)

Shrek (2001)


Brianna and I used to watch Shrek on a loop when we were kids, and we still quote it. There’s really no escaping it, but I’m totally okay with that. Also, if you’ve never seen the Karaoke part at the very end, you’ve been missing out. (The first one may be awesome, but the other ones kind of suck. If you haven’t watched them yet, you don’t have to.)

Love Actually (2003)


Long story short, this is one of those movies where they gather 20 big names and somehow tie them all together into one storyline. If you can’t follow those kind of movies, this is not for you. But if you enjoy listening to British accents, this is for you. If you prefer to only watch holiday movies around the holiday the movie is for, wait until December. (You guessed it, it’s a Christmas movie!)

13 Going on 30 (2004)

13 going on 30

I enjoy this movie so much. A 30-year-old woman stuck with a mind of a teenager? It’s bound to be entertaining. And let’s not forget that they dedicated a whole scene for basically the entire cast to do the Thriller dance. Ever since this movie, I’ve wanted to learn it in full. (Still hasn’t happened, yet.)

The Phantom of the Opera (2004)

phantom of the opera

By now, almost everyone my age has seen Shameless. Emmy Rossum, who plays Fiona in that show, is the leading lady of the movie adaptation of Phantom (and she’s amazing). But that is also Gerard Butler as the phantom (and I adore him). I was obsessed with this movie for like two years before I moved onto Wicked, but hey, Phantom holds a special place in my heart.

Fever Pitch (2005)


Okay, a major reason I love this movie is because it’s Jimmy Fallon. Another big reason I like this movie so much is because Drew Barrymore is the love interest. The fact that it has anything to do with the Sox makes me feel weird since my family is made up of hardcore Yankee fans. To be honest, even if the movie was shit, I’d still watch it because Jimmy Freakin’ Fallon.

The Pacifier (2005)


Basically, I just live for The Peter Panda Dance. Oh and the scene where Shane hunts Seth down, thinking he’s doing drugs—when really he’s just trying to hide the fact that he’s Rolf in his school production of The Sound of Music. Classic.

Rent (2005)


I’m not crying, you are. And that’s not me singing, that’s the beluga whale outside. (Damn you, Jonathan Larson, for doing this to me.) (Also, thank you.)

Mamma Mia (2008)


Two words: Meryl Streep. This movie was basically an all-star cast singing ABBA songs and running around one of the many islands of Greece. Sign me up.

Honorable mentions: Forrest Gump (1994), Anastasia (1997), Quest for Camelot (1998), 27 Dresses (2008), The Blind Side (2009)

Prompt: Name 25 movies you have watched over and over again, and still aren’t sick of.

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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

4 thoughts on “Movie Reel

  1. I have so many favorite movies: there are the ones from my childhood and the ones from the more recent years. Annie and Sound of Music were two of the most meaningful musicals of my childhood and in middle school I loved Enchanted and that was when I began to love the high school musical movies and in high school, I remember loving Mamma Mia and in the more recent years, the movie musical of Les Mis played such a huge impact. Well those are not the only musicals I have fallen in love with.

    Les Mis is defiantly one of those movies that I can watch over and over again and not grow sick of. I finally owned the movie in 2013 and watched the movie who knows how many times and I still am not sick of it.

    I recently found an appreciation of the movie musical of Oliver.

    Some non-musical movies I love are Zootopia, Little Princess, Princess Diaries, Harry Potter Series, Chronicles of Narnia Series, and so on

    Yes, it turns out I am a massive musical fan.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly, it was so hard for me to choose the movies I listed. I kind of just went with whatever came to mind first. My little sister and I saw Les Mis when it was released as a film and thought it was so amazing, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that one! The Princess Diaries and The Little Princess are also some of my all time favorites!


      1. When it comes to movies, it can be much harder to find a movie to impress me these days and movies I would be willing to see in a movie theatre. I do not like sad movies that much and do not like horror movie or overly violent movies or too much action movies either


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