Family Photo

There’s a story behind every photograph, and I’m about to tell you the story behind this one. Last year, a bunch of my extended family wanted to do a trip to Disney, and I was game to tag along. I always want to go to Disney, and my sister lives not too far from there, so I thought, “this is the perfect opportunity to go”.

We started planning around March to go down in October, and I saved up a little bit of money from every paycheck I received. I was really excited to go because Disney sets up an entire spectacle just for Halloween, and I really wanted to take that time to experience Disney with family members that had never gone before, and family members that I never went with before.

We planned and bought all our tickets and packed and then October finally arrived.

And then Hurricane Matthew came up and washed away all our excitement.

We all took that week off of school and work, and we were still at home waiting to be told that there was another plane we could take to go. We got nothing.

So, after a lot of complaining, the planning crew came up with a plan. Instead of spending the rest of the week crying over Florida, we were going to take a day out east at Harbes Farm, a day at Six Flags, and the rest of the week in Pennsylvania for Hershey Park.

It wasn’t Disney, but it was something.

My family really tried to make the best of it, and we ended up having a lot of fun. (A little drama went down, but when does that not happen?) The picture above was taken at Harbes Farm, on the very first day of our festivities. I was happy to spend the time that I had with this part of my family; it doesn’t get to happen much anymore. And even though Hurricane Matthew took Disney away from us, I’m so glad that it didn’t stop us from having a nice family vacation.

family trip 2016
Harbes Family Farm, October 2016. Left to right: Aunt Erika, Uncle Sean, Kelly, Mike, Justina, Brianna, Nicole, Sean, Jessica, Me, Rebecca, Kaitlyn, Aunt Zsa, Rocco.


Prompt: Write a journal entry influenced by a photograph.

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