Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

The best form of transportation if you’re going to go on a cross-country trip, in my opinion, is definitely by driving the distance. I have always enjoyed the feeling of riding in an automobile more than any other form of transportation; I prefer the windows down, my hair whipping around, the music on blast. It makes even the shortest of trips more delightful. Don’t get me wrong, the gas will add up to become pretty expensive, but I think you’ll get more to experience this way. Ideally, I would take an RV instead of a car, so that way I don’t have to spend even more money staying at motels or hotels; but realistically, a car would probably be more affordable.


Also: make sure you bring a friend or two. That’s what I would do; they would keep me entertained, and we could switch off drivers. This way we would only stop where we want to, rather than where we have to.

(Except for when we need gas or to empty the bathroom. It doesn’t matter if you want to stop of that or not, because you have to at some point.)


I know this is going to sound really tourist-y, but I really want to see Mount Rushmore, and the Grand Canyon, and even the Niagara Falls. But I want to see the Canada side of the Falls. I’ve heard that side is much nicer than New York’s. I want to go to Texas and Montana. I want to see the Mississippi River. I very obviously really want to explore Hollywood, but I also want to check out Salem.

(I’ve had a weird interest in witches since I was a kid. Give me a break.)


Driving cross-country has been on my bucket list for years…too bad I still don’t have my license. (I am working on it, though!) I’ve wanted to explore the natural beauty and even the cheesy tourist areas of the United States. How fun would it be to tag along some of your favorite people, grab some snacks, hop into a car, and just go? I’m sure we would deal with a lot of crap, but it would be such an adventure.

I would love to experience that.


Prompt: You’re going on a cross-country trip. Are you taking an airplane, train, bus, or car? (Or something else entirely—bike? Hot air balloon?)

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