Six Months Down

2017 has been an interesting year so far, to say the least. For one thing, it’s been flying right before my very eyes. I’ve been told that as you get older, the years seem to get shorter. Whoever told me that (sorry, I can’t remember who did) was so right. I feel like so much has happened in the shortest six months of my life.

I started this year differently than usual. I’m so used to going to Uncle Sean and Aunt Erika’s house for New Year’s Eve that I just assumed that’s where I was going. They decided to not have a party, so I ended up at my mom’s house, dancing around Caitlyn’s bedroom with her. It was weird, being in a different place for the new year. It definitely seemed to change what the year had planned for me.

I spent the first couple of months of the year planning a Sweet Sixteen that never happened. Money was spent, almost everybody had RSVP’d, and just about everything had been taken cared for. And then Caitlyn screwed up, and the party was cancelled. My time was technically wasted, but I had fun while it lasted. I was mad at the time, though. I didn’t get to dance for another three months, and I bought a cute dress and pair of shoes that I really haven’t been able to make use of yet.

I also dedicated almost all of my weekends to Wedding Things with Amanda. Sounds like a TV show, but it was my life. Amanda was so stressed, but the day finally came last week, and now she’s a married woman.

Last Friday, she even turned to me and went, “I’m somebody’s wife, now…what the heck.”

When they were just engaged, Tim once told her that once she’s married, we’re not going to be able to have sleepovers at my house anymore. So the ongoing joke between us has been just that. Amanda said the day before the wedding, “if we were in a movie, this is the part where we’d flash forward two weeks from now, where we’re in your bed watching a movie.” I’m still laughing at that because she is so right. Amanda and I have officially survived a bridal shower, a kind-of bachelorette party, and a wedding together, after ten years of friendship.

(How did my Maid of Honor speech go, you ask? I was shaking, took much longer than the Best Woman and Father of the Bride, and stuttered once or twice. I got really good feedback, though.)

I also got to see Waitress, which I have mentioned before in another post, but I have to mention it again. It was so amazing, I still can’t get over it. I was too close to Sara Bareilles to ever truly be over it.

Just about all of my friends graduated college, too, this year. Sadly, I didn’t get to see any of them walk across a stage, but hopefully they all knew that I was there in spirit. I am truly so proud of their accomplishments and pushing through the past four years.

Speaking of graduating, one of my buddies that did was Jeanette, who is officially back home! She was actually my date to Amanda and Tim’s wedding, and the best one at that. Whenever I was with her, I was having a grand ol’ time. She was also my savior, because Brianna never made it to the wedding, so she stepped in and brought Caitlyn with her. I am so grateful for her.

Back in March, my sister in law, Ryan, gave birth to my fourth niece! Because I have no license or enough money to have a personal driver, I haven’t been able to see Riley since the hospital (I know, I’m a horrible aunt, leave me alone and deal with your own issues). Oh yeah, and her name is Riley Madison! From the photos I see, she is so freaking adorable! I am praying for her to stay dark haired, but that didn’t happen for any of my other nieces or nephews, so I must wait until we finally have a dark-haired child in this family. (And this isn’t me bashing on blondes…I just really want a dark-haired child in this family! All the kids have blue eyes, and the dark-hair-light-eyes combination is my absolute fave.)

In April, I became twenty-two. And unlike my twenty-first birthday, I thankfully didn’t mess up my body at all. (For those who don’t know, two days before my 21st birthday, I jumped on a trampoline right after getting my nails done, and my knee did some type shit where it felt like the bone on top slid toward my other leg, and the bottom underneath stayed. It hurt really freaking bad, but even worse: I ruined my nails. I was really upset about it. I started crying because my leg hurt so bad, but cried even harder for my nails because the tears wouldn’t stop flowing. The scene was really ugly. Be happy you weren’t there.) Long story short, I’m really proud of myself for becoming a new age, unscathed.

What did come out of my birthday, though, was driving lessons. Thank the Lord or whoever told my dad it was time. He couldn’t teach me even if his life depended on it—the man has zero patience—so he looked up a place, and he and Aunt Roxanne put together money and a flyer for lessons for my birthday.

Better late than never, right?

So I’m eight lessons in, and I just started parallel parking last week. The driving instructor, Patricia, said to practice that, so I’ve got some work ahead of me. I just really want to be able to take myself places, so a girl’s gotta go what a girl’s gotta do.

am i irte

Now that you’re basically caught up with the last six months of my life, I’m looking forward to what feels like a lot, starting with Jersey in two weeks. I have been crossing my fingers, but yesterday I finally got my approval for a trip to go to Jersey with some family. Justina, Rebecca, Laura, and I aren’t leaving until Tuesday night, but we’re meeting up with the rest of Justina’s family to see Brianna at competition, as well as chill out from our daily lives. And I am so excited about it.

Sure, it’s only going to be about three days, but it’s exactly what I need right now. I haven’t seen any of Brianna’s dances for this season yet, and I am really hype to see her Saturday Night Fever number. I’m also just really excited to relax and play some games and hang out without anything getting in the way.

I just really have to buy a bathing suit first, because I seriously cannot find mine.

At the end of August, my mom is treating me to a birthday gift that I have been waiting [impatiently] for. We’re going to be seeing Luke Bryan at Jones Beach; this is a concert I have been waiting for about three years to see!

And right after that, we’re supposed to start driving down to Florida for the week to be with Joanne, Mike, and the kids! I haven’t seen them in person in like two years, so I am super excited to do Disney things and chill out with my sister. I always have to play big sister here in New York, so it’s going to be nice to get a break from that (even though Caitlyn and Heinrich will be there with me?). I have already been hyped up for Fantasyland, something I’ve actually spoken about multiple times in the last few days—so I hope Disney is ready for me. Because I am so ready for it.

I should also have Iona paid off from my last semester there by November 15, so I’m going to celebrate the right way.


If you rolled your eyes and thought, “she’s going to go see another musical,” you guessed right. I am going to go see Anastasia! Well, I haven’t bought tickets yet, but oh, I’m going. Nobody can stop me! It’s been such a busy year, that I just want to end it on a high note.

For one thing, I want to get my own phone plan. My phone is almost three years old, has been cracked for two of those years, and has been doing whatever the hell it wants for the last ten months, give or take a few. My dad also really wants to kick me off his plan due to the high number on his bill, so as my dad would say, I have to get crack-a-lacking.

I really hope that I get to see my two favorite Ugly people at some point this summer. I’ve missed them so much, and I want to be able to act like the child I usually do when I’m with them—Meg and Shniv definitely bring that out of me more than anyone else I know, and I miss that feeling. (Snapchat isn’t enough for me, guys. Sorry.)

Hopefully, I will also be getting my license. I have been told on a couple of occasions that my hopes must be super high to think I’ll be getting a driver’s license months after starting to drive, but hey, I’ll be the one laughing if I get it so soon. I don’t think I’ll be able to get it by the end of next month, but I would like to get it before the end of October. This has been something that I’ve wanted for so long, but too scared to do until this year, so I want this to be my year. It would honestly be such an accomplishment to me. I know that sounds kind of sad for a twenty-two-year-old, but I don’t care. I want to make the rest of my year the best it can be.

Prompt: You have just finished the first half of the year. Reflect on what has happened. Did you have any low points? What about high points? Do you have any plans for the remainder of the year? Tell us about it.

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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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