An Open Letter to the Person I’m Most Proud Of

Hey, Conroy. This one’s for you.

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You Made Me Fall Again, My Friend

It wasn’t your fault. It was mine.

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Stand Out

I feel like I can’t really pinpoint a moment in my life when I stood out, but I’m only saying that because I’ve technically always been different than everyone else. People always remembered me growing up, but mostly because of my hair. I’ve never been the center of attention per se, but I’ve become a memorable person for strangers. People—women, specifically—always had something to say about my hair.

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I’m Still Annoyed About the One Time My Parents Lied

Way back when, we used to go on annual family trips; either we’d go camping or to a theme park. One year,—I think I was ten at the time, I’m not really sure—my parents, my younger siblings, and I went to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania.

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I am the queen of ProcrastiNation.

You will know when I am trying to push something off, because I suddenly become a busy bee. I have things to do, people to see, shows to watch…

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Love Languages

My primary language is English. This makes it easy for me to communicate with those who also speak my native language, rather than Spanish or French, which I know a little here and there. And since I know absolutely nothing in Dutch or Mandarin, I have no idea how to talk to people who can speak those languages fluently instead of my own.

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