Without You

There are just some things in your life that feel essential to you, whether they actually are or not. These are the things that make us feel alive, or just good in general. Without them, we would feel empty. Without them, we wouldn’t know how to go on about ourselves. The following ten items are the things that I can’t seem to live without, in no particular order:



They’re there when I want them to be, and even when I don’t. My family is full of my favorite dance partners, partners in crime, and people to annoy. And it’s not so bad around the holidays. I don’t know what I would do without the people who make me that craziest.



Ah yes, the people I can vent to about my crazy family (thanks for that). These guys are the absolute best: they’re there for you because they want to be, not because they feel obligated to. They come around for the laughs and adventures, but stick around through the low times. I don’t know what I would do without mine.



I love sleep. Sleep is beautiful and makes you feel so good, even if it’s just a power nap. I don’t get to do it as often as I would like to, but when I get the chance, I am all up on that. Oh, and there’s also the fact that we actually need it to survive; we can only go a couple of days without it.



I’m basically a music junkie: I don’t go a day without it, and if it isn’t actually playing, it is in my head. If it were to suddenly go away, I would probably end up in a nut house—because I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. It pumps me up, calms me down, keeps me moving. Music is everything.



Everyone and their mother knows that I love dogs more than life itself. I’ve had at least one around me almost consistantly since I was a baby, and I’m not planning on changing that any time soon. And by that, I mean never. A dog’s presence just makes me all around happier.



Of course food was going to show up on this list! Nobody can live without it. (If you can live without food, you’re probably an inanimate object. Or an alien.)

A toothbrush


This one might seem weird to throw in there, but I love brushing my teeth. I’m not a psycho or anything, I’m just into good oral hygiene. I need one everywhere I go…which is why I carry a travel pack in my purse. I never know when I’m going to need it, and it really helps for after I eat.



I like television, and that’s no secret; if it were to suddenly go away altogether, I would not know what to do with myself. I get way too invested into plotlines and characters to give that kind of thing up.

Hair Product

hair product

I have curly hair, and your girl needs stuff in it to look tame: a brush, mousse, and hairspray. I am personally responsible for killing the ozone layer one day at a time, and I have no regrets. I’d rather do that then let myself walk around with gross looking hair. (I may or may not be a perfectionist?)



Honestly, I was going back and forth between the internet and books, and the world wide web just happen to win. The internet and social media has taken over the world, and I am but one of its suckers. I just can’t help myself.

Prompt: What are ten things that you could never live without?

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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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