Far From Home

The farthest I’ve ever traveled from home was to the Caribbean on a family cruise trip back in August of 2015. And since it was a cruise, the majority of the trip was on water. So I was on a boat with about twenty members from my Mom’s side of the family for a whole week.

It was an interesting trip to say the least.

During the cruise, we made four stops: to Nassau in the Bahamas, Great Stirrup Cay, St. Thomas, and Cape Canaveral.

In the Bahamas, we basically just went to Señor Frogs. That place was basically known in my family for giving out wacky nicknames, so I was excited to find out what mine was going to be. And over there, there is no age limit to drink alcohol—you basically just have to be at least 4’11 or somewhere around there. At the time, I was only 20 years old, but because I was over the height limit, I was able to drink. I think I was the shortest person in the bunch, so everyone else was able to as well.

Sadly, I don’t remember what my nickname was from the top of my head, but I remember having a good time.

fam photo

The line we were on, the Norwegian Gem Cruise Line, owns the private island Great Stirrup Cay. There, we basically just got to lie out in the sun, hang out in the water, and shop from cute little outdoor boutiques. That might have been my favorite island, despite the sunburn I got from all that exposure. On the bright side, I didn’t get any sun poisoning from this trip, which was something my family warned me about a hundred times over. I did turn pink, though.

St. Thomas was all shopping. I grabbed a couple souvenirs for back home from a couple flea markets and boutique shops, but I was most excited about Del Sol. Whenever my mom went on a cruise, I always asked for her to bring me back one thing, and that was Del Sol nail polish. Everything Del Sol sells changes color due to sun exposure, and the nail polish is literally the coolest thing I’ve ever had. I purchased six bottles of polish, and it was so worth it.

Cape Canaveral, Florida was actually the first stop of the trip. There, My mom, her fiancé Chris, my sisters Brianna and Caitlyn, and I hopped into a rental car and met up with my older sister, Joanne, brother-in-law Mike, and their kids, Brandon, Peyton, and Jordan at one of Disney’s water parks called Blizzard Beach. We spent a lot of the time at that water park in the Lazy River, which all of us loved, because there is no height limit, and Peyton and Jordan were a toddler and baby at the time.

We ended up spending as much time the cruise line permitted away from the boat with my sister and her family, and even met up with my Uncle Tim, Aunt Jodi, cousins Sabrina, Jason, Tyler, and Tyler’s girlfriend, Jess, who were all on the cruise with us.

And yes, I know that sounds like a lot of family, but that wasn’t even half of the members on the cruise with us.

On the cruise ship, I spent most of my time with Brianna and our cousins, Rebecca and Justina. We were able to relax some of the time, but also get involved in activities and watch shows at the front end of the boat (I really enjoyed the shows). We played a lot of this one dice game that I can’t remember what it was called during that trip, and never played it again. There was even a little club at the back end of the boat that we ended up at most nights.

But nothing will beat when my family chased down a boy that was talking to Rebecca. I don’t really remember all of the details, but I do remember my family acting like psychos physically running after this kid.

The kid’s name was Joe, and we were all hanging out at the bar one night. Some, if not all, of the adults of the family were having dinner in the same room we were in when one of them pointed him out, asking, “is that the kid?”

And my family is so embarrassing, because we could all hear someone say, “get him!”

I don’t think I have ever seen any of us run so fast, ever.

Justina, Rebecca, Joe, my sister Brianna, my cousin Brianna, Caitlyn, and I all jolt towards the back of the boat, but ended up splitting up from Rebecca, who ran to her room. Thankfully, some of the family followed her and not the rest of us, who ran from the eighth to thirteenth floor to get this kid away from my family. I broke a flip flop, so Cousin Brianna and I stay back for a second so I can fix it, and run the rest of the way to meet up with the girls on the top deck.

The family showed up maybe five minutes later to no Joe. The kid just kept going.

Other than that fiasco, the trip was fun for the most part. Like anything that involves family, drama came into the picture, but when does it not? I don’t think any trips in the future will ever involve that much family again, but it will definitely not be forgotten.

Good times.

Prompt: Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home.

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One thought on “Far From Home

  1. LOL , that was a great trip!! We had so many laughs — GREAT MEMORIES ❤️
    We need to plan another one and start paying it off now 😊 I feel
    Another family vacation coming


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