Pet Peeves

There will always be things that tick us off, some things that we will find particularly annoying. They may or may not stick with us; some things will change. I thought about what pet peeves annoy me those most, and this is what I came up with for right now.

Open-mouth chewing food or gum. That is seriously so gross, especially when you can see AND hear it.

Lateness. I hate it so much when people are constantly late to things, or make me late because I’m waiting for them. To most people, being late shows that you just didn’t care enough to get ready earlier.

Cigarettes in general. But if you’re going to smoke them, at least be considerate. Go outside, walk away. Not everybody wants those toxins in their body.

Plain ol’ rude people. If people talk over you when you’re clearly still in the middle of a sentence, it’s not you—it’s them. And don’t try to get even louder, because then it will become a pissing contest (as in, who can piss off the other guy more).

Phone usage at the dinner table. When people spend more time on their phone during dinner than they do interacting with whoever else is at the table, that’s a problem. Be an actual human being and talk to others.

When people clap at the end of a movie at the movie theatre. The actors and behind-camera staff can’t hear you.

When people clap as their plane lands. “Yay, we didn’t die!” What good does that do?

Excessive PDA. It’s nice that you want to show your love for your significant other, but don’t you want to keep some things between the two of you…?

Saggy pants. I really shouldn’t have to even mention this, but please, be a normal human being and wear pants the correct way. You look like a convict with your pants halfway down your thighs like that.

People who seek a relationship as soon as they become single. Use your time as a newly-single person to reintroduce yourself to, well, yourself. Running into another relationship makes you look dependent and all-around pathetic, as if you can’t survive on your own. Trust me, you can.

The “duck face”. First of all, that’s not the face a duck makes. Second, what’s wrong with smiling like a normal person? Smolder for all I care, but a duck face makes you look like you’re trying way too hard on looking ridiculous.

When someone leaves water running, or lights on in a room that nobody is in. That’s just plain wasteful and all-around obnoxious.

When people sneeze or cough without covering their mouths. Nobody wants your germs all over them. I promise.

When people throw trash out of the window while driving.

Using your phone while driving. I don’t care who texted you, and you should have made a playlist or put on Pandora. I know that it is most likely unintentional, but don’t try to put your passengers or yourself in danger like that. Being on your phone is basically saying, “I don’t care about your safety whatsoever”. No phone call or text is so important that you can’t wait until you get to your destination.

Abusing the system/privileges. If someone uses food stamps in the grocery store and brings their bags to a Mercedes, or if someone who very clearly isn’t or has any handicapped passengers uses a handicapped parking spot, they are on the fast-track lane to the world population’s Shit List, because they are The Worst Kind of Person.

When your door is closed, then someone walks into the room. Unless the door has a welcome sign on it, it wasn’t open for a reason. And it’s even more annoying when they feel like leaving the door open after they exit.

Inconvenient loud noises. Don’t you just hate it when you’re watching TV and someone turns on the garbage disposal, blender, vacuum, or another loud appliance? Yeah, me too.

When nail polish chips or smudges right after you had your nails done.

The invasion of personal space. If a person doesn’t know about keeping a safe distance, neither does my elbow.

Let me know if you find yourself being a culprit of doing some of these things, or if you agree that they annoy you as well! I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Prompt: Name some of your biggest pet peeves.

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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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