Dream Home

I don’t know how many people actually have a detailed idea of what they want their future home to look like. I probably just think about this kind of thing way too often.

I don’t have anything drawn up right now, and that’s okay, because I am pretty sure normal most people don’t draw house plans, like your psycho friendly neighbor like me. I actually mentioned a couple days ago how one of my craziest dreams was to have a house built from scratch. Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but that’s just who I am as a person.


I ask Brianna and Caitlyn what their ideal home looks like sometimes, and the details that they talk about are much more modest than my Craftsman dream house. For one thing, they’ve both said that they want one-story homes.

I, on the other hand, want three. A basement level, a ground level, and an upper level. I am personally not a fan of attics or using them as storage space, but I am a huge fan of high and vaulted ceilings. (In case you haven’t guessed yet: I have semi-expensive taste. I say semi because I don’t really look towards high-end products or projects, but I don’t necessarily try to avoid them, either.)

The ground floor is where the main areas would clearly be: the living room, the kitchen with a walk-in pantry, and the dining room. I also want a laundry room, a bathroom, an office, a foyer, and a garage in this mini-castle made up in my head. I’ve seen this on Pinterest a bunch of times, but I would love to makeshift the space under the stairs a dog house. Because I would obviously have at least one of those running around the house.

If we’re talking color schemes at all, I don’t really have one in mind for each and every room, but I know that I want a lot of pure white and a light grey on the main floor, and dark flooring going through most of the house. (Although black walls look so cool.)

I like the idea of all the bedrooms being upstairs, away from where everybody hangs out. A master and separate bathroom are welcome to join the bedrooms upstairs, and maybe a linen closet, but I wouldn’t want anything else on the second floor. That story can be considered the Personal Space.

I also like the idea of light colors upstairs, but it wouldn’t be all white and grey. Probably some blues and purples, and maroon or olive might show up somewhere. I have to put my favorite colors somewhere, right?

The basement, however, would be where anyone could go to chill out. I specifically would like a home theatre: a place I could keep all of my VHS’s and DVDs like a library, with couches and a big screen to watch. Nearby, I want a kitchenette and bar-type setting, so snacks would be easily accessible. I would want a neat storage room set up down there as well, because we would need some type of storage space.

Now that I think about it, my home theatre would probably have the black walls that I love so much. But no red carpet—I would not take it that far.

I’ve always wanted a built-in pool, so that is of course showing up with my dream home. Outside, I also would have a playset for the kids, and a paved area for an outdoor dining set and grill.

Majorily, I don’t think that I described an extravagant home. Yes, I do want some pricey amenities like the home theatre and built-in pool, but even normal people have those things. I just want a home to be happy with.

Note: The photo used above is not a design by me. It was picked at random on Google Images. I ain’t that fancy.

Prompt: You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.

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