I am the queen of ProcrastiNation.

You will know when I am trying to push something off, because I suddenly become a busy bee. I have things to do, people to see, shows to watch…okay, I don’t have to do any of those things. But I am doing everything possible to hold off from doing what I have to.

That is a horrible characteristic to have, I know, but I work best under pressure. I always have. Growing up, doing my homework and cleaning my bedroom were always last-minute things to do.

But guess what? It always got done, and I was always pretty damn good at those things.

(I almost said my chores, too, but let’s be real…I hated doing the dishes. And I still do.)

When I’m trying to hold off from taking care of my responsibilities, you will likely find me doing some—if not all—of these:

Catch up on my shows


I am a zombie when it comes to my shows. On the weekends, I can binge watch from the time I wake up ’til bedtime. Actually, I might do this too often…

Suddenly get super interested in makeup


I wish we were still in the simpler times, when eyeliner and mascara were all you needed to feel like you had a full face of makeup. I only learned to start really doing eye shadow  a couple years ago, and I’m still not really sure about the highlight and contour thing everybody’s doing now. I like to try to figure that kind of thing out when I think I have the time.

Clean my little heart out


This is the  only thing on this list that is actually kind of productive, but it only really kicks in when I have either nothing better to do, or something that I have (but don’t want) to do. It’s both fantastic and untimely.

Online window shopping

shopping online.gif

And maybe even a little online actual shopping? Oh, you really need me to mow the lawn? I just remembered that I really need a new pair of jeans…

Take a shower


A long, long shower. Where I will stand for thirty minutes before applying any soap. Yeah, that water bill isn’t going to look really pretty, but at least it’s held me off from switching the laundry.



If there’s one thing that I know will take me hours, it’s reading a book. But I’ll even settle for the comics section in the Sunday newspaper.

Hang out


And by that, I mean with anybody: A sibling, a friend, a friend’s sibling. I will find a way to get out of my house, so I won’t have to do the damn dishes.

Pump up the jams


There will be a concert featuring Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, and Green Day, and it will be in my bedroom.

Watch YouTube videos


Because let’s be real, one minute you’re watching Beyoncé’s music video for Countdown at noon, and the next, it’s 5:37pm, and you’re watching a man voiceover cats meowing.

Scroll through Facebook


And Instagram. And Twitter. And Tumblr. And whatever else I can get my hands on.

Prompt: List ten things you do when you are pushing something off.

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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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