The Best Listener

I truly believe that I am terrible when it comes to talking to people; I hate small talk, and I don’t know how to insert my opinion a lot of the time—usually because someone else is talking over. Continue reading “The Best Listener”

A Little Sneaky

Personally, I like having writing prompts. They definitely help me get started. They don’t stop me from using creativity, although I do sometimes find them a little limiting. I don’t necessarily follow one specific list of prompts. Actually, I use a bunch of different sources to tell me what I should write. I write only what I want to share. Which, if I’m going to … Continue reading A Little Sneaky

Robert Moses on a Wednesday

I’m from Long Island, so there’s basically a beach twenty minutes away from where you are at all times.

My family’s go-to is Robert Moses. Continue reading “Robert Moses on a Wednesday”

Disney Kid At Heart

Have I mentioned yet how psyched I am to be going to Florida in a couple of days? You know, where the Happiest Place on Earth is? Yeah? Well I’m going to be getting into it again.

I haven’t seen my older sister, Joanne, and her family in a while. And by a while, I mean two years. Two effing years. Continue reading “Disney Kid At Heart”

At This Moment

What am I doing at this moment? Well, for one thing, I’m at work, on by lunch break. This is when I usually take my time to write my posts, because this is the only time I have at a desktop computer, as well as time to myself. So it doesn’t hurt to have the headspace to think, and nobody to bother me. Continue reading “At This Moment”