Moved to Tears

Yesterday, like every other day of my life, I was listening to the music on my phone. You would think I would get bored by what I have on there by now, but not really. I’ve purchased a lot of music over the nine years that I’ve had Apple, and I just recently got Apple Music (because I was getting tired of the music on my phone).

I have added a lot of music to my phone and iPad since I started my free trial, including the soundtracks to a whole bunch of movies and musicals. Yes, I know, I’m a nerd—I am well aware, and I’m proud of that part of myself. Among those soundtracks, I added the complete soundtrack to Repo! The Genetic Opera.

For those who don’t know what that is—a lot of people don’t, so you’re not out of the loop. It’s a rock opera that became a cult movie (yes, like Rocky Horror Picture Show), and I think that says a whole lot about itself. It takes place in 2056, when an epidemic of organ failures take place all over the world. This CEO of a gene corporation, Rotti Largo, starts loaning out organs from his company called GeneCo., and basically becomes the guy everybody wants help from. But there’s a catch with this payment plan he sets up: if the borrowers do not pay on time, he sends out a Repo Man to find and literally repossess the organs they were given.

Sounds crazy, right?

So the movie follows a seventeen-year-old girl, like most movies do, named Shiloh Wallace. It’s just her and her overprotective father—her mother died giving birth to her. Her dad, Nathan, is a sketchy dude, which you find out really early in the show that he secretly works as Rotti Largo’s Repo Man. The film is never clear as to whether or not he is the only Repo Man, but he’s the only one you see.

Shiloh is living with this rare blood disease, and since Nathan is a doctor, he keeps her safe at home. Because she’s a teenaged girl, and this is a movie, all she ever dreams of is leaving the house. Which she does. Somehow without her father knowing. Until she gets caught, because this is a movie.

So, basically, a lot of shit goes down. We meet Rotti Largo’s three grown children, all of which are disgraces to the GeneCo name. And Paris Hilton plays his daughter, which is something interesting all on its own. Rotti Largo finds Shiloh interesting, and thinks that she would be a good heir for GeneCo (because, guess what, he’s dying!). Stuff happens, Rotti shows Shiloh who Nathan really is, so she thinks her dad is the bad guy.

(But he’s not, Rotti’s the bad guy.)(But if you were smart, you probably saw that coming.)

The movie ends at the Opera, in which Sarah Brightman is the star of the show. (Yes, that Sarah Brightman. The one who was Christine Daae on Broadway for Phantom of the Opera. Her voice is absolutely amazing.) She actually plays a key part of the show, because she’s linked to both Rotti and Shiloh.

But not in the way you’re thinking. Get your head out of the gutter.

So where I’m getting at is that Rotti brings Shiloh and Nathan to the stage to bring his dream to life: he wants Nathan dead, and he wants to showcase it, as if it’s all a part of the show. Sadly, it works, but before Nathan dies, he and Shiloh sing a song together, called I Didn’t Know I’d Love You So Much. I think it’s pretty straight forward where I’m getting at with that.

I cried the first time I watched that movie, during that scene, but mostly because it was just plain sad. Imagine a teenaged girl watching her father be killed right before her eyes. Now imagine that, and singing. Imagine Alexa Vega with a black wig on crying her eyes out.

Oh yeah, Alexa Vega from Spy Kids? She plays Shiloh. I probably forgot to mention that.

That wasn’t why I teared up this time around. The song is just so sweet, and their voices really blend wonderfully together. And not having to watch the movie along with the music makes it a little less morbid, if you know what I mean.

Why do I let music affect me like that? I don’t know, but I wish I did.

To top things off, I was at work when all this happened. And I had to take a stroll down to the bathroom, just to make sure my makeup didn’t mess up. (Happy part of this story: it didn’t.)

Sidenote: If you ever do watch that movie, Graverobber is my favorite character. He’s played by one of the writers of the show, Terrance Zdunich, who’s a bass. His voice is pure magic. I love it.

Prompt: Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.

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