I get bored easily, and that’s a fact. Because I basically lived a scheduled life, Most things are expected to happen. Nothing is exciting, unless something comes in the mail for me (that isn’t my bank statement from Bethpage). These are the things that bore me the most, so I should probably avoid them. You probably should, too; save yourself.

Small talk. I say these things because it’s socially unacceptable if I don’t. And by socially unacceptable, I mean that my dad is going to complain to me about how “rude” I am. And I don’t want to hear that lecture again.

Golf. How does anybody enjoy golf? It’s basically the sport where old men get together because they can’t move like they used to. You can’t even cheer if someone gets a whole in one, or clap the correct way. If we’re watching golf, I’m going to bed.

Training Sessions. I have fallen asleep multiple times since this thing started three hours ago. Can I go home now? Being present at a training session is like watching paint dry. Actually, I would rather watch paint dry.

Listening to people talk about the same things over and over again. Seriously, it has to stop. We get it. We got it the first five hundred times you said it. Take a breather or something.

Listen to people talk about politics or religion. This one is basically a subcategory of the last one, but I feel like if I don’t mention it, I’m going to explode. Yes, Trump is president. At this point, we all just kind of have to deal with it. And seriously, nobody cares anymore if you’re trying Buddhism because being a Jehovah didn’t work out for you. Let’s talk about pizza. You want pepperoni?

Horse Races on TV. When money and luck come together, I’m no good. So I don’t gamble. And something tells me if you watch horse races without betting on one, there’s no fun to it.

Food with no flavor. My mom probably did this to me, because she puts how many seasonings into everything she makes. I like to actually taste food, not just shove it down my throat. I do understand if you put nothing in your food so everyone can add whatever they want, though…you might just be a step ahead if that’s what you like to do. Where’s the garlic powder?

Filling out Tax Returns…or FAFSA…or basically any kind of paperwork. Nobody wants to do that stuff, man. That’s why people with money hire other people to do that kind of thing for them.

Washing the dishes. This is probably just me because it’s been my chore since I was twelve, but seriously, the only thing that gets me through dishes is music. Trust me, I would rather be just about anywhere else than in front of the sink.

Waiting in a doctor’s office…or on line for something…or in general. Because the idea of waiting is you literally doing nothing until you can do something. Waiting is the one thing I hate more than almost anything else. I even hate that more than when someone eats my leftovers. But I don’t hate it more than small talk. Nothing is worse than small talk.

Prompt: What bores you?

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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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