Getting Crafty

I guess I’ve been labeled the artsy kid since I was a child.

While the majority of my siblings showed interest in sports like baseball, softball, football, cheerleading, volleyball—I enjoyed dance. (Which is a sport, by the way; but I won’t get into that.)

And while at least my younger siblings spent a lot of their time playing their sports, I was the one found writing, drawing, painting, listening to music.

I can’t throw a ball for the life of me—but that isn’t how I got into art.

I liked the expression, and how it made me calm. I know that I don’t seem like the type of person to get hung up quickly on, well, anything, but I do. I am a very emotional person; I am very in touch with my feelings. I’m just good at not showing that off when I want to.

It started when my parents put me in dance when I was three, and then I got into coloring in my coloring books. I started to draw all over my coloring books, and then when I started school, I started to learn to write. Starting with my own name.

Side note: People used to always compliment me on my penmanship. The reason it was so neat was because I practiced writing a lot. It wasn’t just luck—trust me on this.

I have handwritten a lot in my lifetime already; I would fill notebook after notebook with poems and short stories and even just practicing my own signature. I would fill these books with lists and ideas and thoughts.

I’ve had a lot of notebooks.

And then I got into designing dresses and house plans. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: those are two very different things. But I got into designing those two very different things around the same time. I would color in the dresses and color code the house plans. I got really into it.

I loved doing all of those things growing up.

When I started high school, I got really into photography and calligraphy. I don’t really do either much anymore, but I still look at and appreciate others’ work.

In college, I got into painting. I didn’t really care for that as much growing up as I did all other things: it was messy. And I was always told what to make, because the only times I would paint is when I was in art class.

But one of my roommates, Megan, was in a sorority. And if I learned anything about sororities in college, it was that they crafted a lot. So when she’d take rides to Michaels, I’d tag along, and make something as well. (I don’t remember, but I think this started because she’d ask me to help her out with her projects at first. I’m not sure, though.)

So where I’m getting at is that I found a love for painting all because Megan joined a sorority.

And my crafting in college didn’t stop there, because everyone on our whole floor in our freshman year would contribute to our hall decorations. And I, specifically, because I’m psychotic, started doing decorations on my own time for the hall. You know, because everyone else had actual things to do.

But anyway, crafting became a huge thing for me in college. I loved making new things for our room, and then our suite the following year; and we also made crafts as gifts for each other.

One time, during my Christmas break, I made a whole bunch of canvases for gifts. Partially because I actually enjoyed doing it, but also because they were being made for those that I knew would appreciate them. Including my roommates.

Since then, I’ve done work sporadically, and I’ve even gotten other people involved with projects. For example, crafting became a staple that my friend, Amanda, and I would do whenever she’d come over my house on the weekends. We would paint canvases, make candles, do the favors for her wedding, and even create slime. I have also attended a couple of those Paint Nites, like the one we went to for Amanda’s so called Bachelorette Party.

So these are some of my favorite creations that I’ve done. (Mind you that I don’t take a picture of all my work. And the pictures aren’t in perfect quality.)

Prompt: Have you ever crafted something that you were proud of the outcome? Post a picture of it.

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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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