Mirror, Mirror…

Young, Scrappy, and Always Hungry

The story of how I came up with my blog name, Young, Scrappy, and Always Hungry, was actually already mentioned before. I’m a huge fan of the musical Hamilton, although I cringe at the fact that I haven’t seen it yet, and the words young, scrappy, and hungry were used in one of the biggest numbers of the show—to describe America.

For those who don’t know about the Broadway hit,

  1. How dare you, and
  2. It’s based around the life of Alexander Hamilton (hence the title), and the creation of America. This is literally the shortest description I could come up with, because I could go on and on about this show. I’m a little obsessed.

So basically to cap up my post about my blog’s name, I really felt like those words that were used to describe America in the show really reflected how I feel about myself. (This is your cue to laugh at the fact that I thought the word hungry described myself well.)

Well, guess what, world? I still think it’s true.

I think that using these words to be the first few anyone sees next to my name would give them a good idea of who I am as a person. I am actually young (even though I do act like an old person sometimes), and I am most definitely scrappy (definition: consisting of disorganized, untidy, or incomplete parts; determined; argumentative). And, lastly, I am always hungry—both literally and metaphorically.

So I would hope that people would get a hint of the kind of person I am.


Originally, I was using a different theme, called Toujours. I literally just changed it within the last week or so, because:

  1. I like to change it up every once in a while, and
  2. I didn’t like that I couldn’t have a sidebar with that theme.

With the plan that I have with WordPress, I am limited to choosing between about 200 themes, and although that sounds like plenty, I felt like I didn’t have enough. But I don’t have money to upgrade anytime soon. This girl needs to save up money for a new phone, Florida in two weeks, and Christmas.

But I digress.

The color palette of the theme I currently use, called Canard, originally consisted of white, black, and a bold red at first. I personally don’t really care for the color red on anything; so I changed it to purple, which has been my favorite color for basically my entire life. And I love it, even though I do wish that I could make the purple a wee bit lighter.

I also love how clean the theme makes my blog look as a whole, and part of me really hopes that it masks up the mess that is my world. I like how organized it is, and how easy it is to find what I’m looking for.

Okay, wow, that last part sounded like an ad. Gross.

I’d like to think that the theme brings a little light to my life—especially since I’ve always been known for being The Girl Who Wears A Lot of Black. And I thought that it would look inviting to those who come to my blog. Nice, clean, and bright.

Just the way I would like to be.

Bio and Posts

My bio is actually currently nonexistent, so I should probably get on top of that. It used to be a little something like this:

Amanda is a twenty-two year old freelance writer, and hasn’t been able to put the pen down since she could pick one up. When she’s not working or writing, you can find her rolling her eyes, painting canvases, or binge watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix with her two adorable dogs, Lady and Luna. You can also find her on social media!

Do you like how it sounds like I’m on a dating app? “I like short walks to the fridge, and a big tub of Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dream.” I also don’t have a picture of myself either there or on my About page, which is an odd thing, but I want professional pictures done.

I don’t know any professional photographers. And I’m too lazy to find one. But I definitely want to use one!

At the time that it was up, I thought my bio had me down pat. And most of it is true, but I’ve been giving Parks and Rec a break. I’m still trying to find a day to jump on the Game of Thrones wagon. And clean my room.

As for my posts, I think they say just about everything about me. For the most part, I don’t omit anything that comes through my head. I might even overshare. Which is actually really accurate in real life, because I don’t talk all that often, but when I do, things start flying out of my mouth that shouldn’t. It’s mostly because I’m awkward, and never know what to talk about.

I like having both fun lists and serious posts, because I want anyone reading to see me and my blog as a whole, instead of one-dimensional. I can be a really outgoing person when I want to be, but I’m not going to lie—that side of me doesn’t get to come out that often. (It’s mostly because people are childish and somebody has to be the rational one…but we won’t get into that.)

So I really enjoy getting to let loose on here sometimes.

I also like that I get to kind of tell my life story as I go along. I don’t really get to talk about myself often to actual people face-to-face, so it’s nice to feel like I have someone to talk to on here. It’s actually a lot like talking to myself, which I probably do way too often.

Like I said earlier, I’m psychotic. But I’ve come to terms with it, and I’m okay with that.

Other Pages

365: The majority of my posts are a part of this daily challenge I have myself on, and I really enjoy getting to reveal another part of myself, or just talk about things that some people are genuinely interested in.

I can’t lie, I don’t actually sit on here and write every single day, but I try my best to. I mostly write them during the week and write my weekend ones ahead of time, because there’s isn’t really a space in my own house to think and write. So not everything I tell you is right before you’re reading it.

~ Life is a lie ~

But because I do this challenge, I made a separate page, so if anyone wanted to take the time to read them in order (even though you don’t have to), you can easily. You just click on the highlighted numbers. On the desktop version, the numbers with posts on them are purple, but I’m not really sure what it looks like on the mobile version. I put the numbers 1-365 ahead of time, because it really would have been a bitch to change it every day.

FYI – It’s kind of hard to put grids on blogs, guys.

About: My about page basically just tells you why I started my blog in the first place, and a little information about who I am. I also have a couple of fun facts on there about myself because I thought it would be nice to give you a little something extra, and those are actual facts that I think are actually fun about me.

And not even all of those facts are necessarily about me.

But they are pretty interesting, I promise! They give you a little idea about the person behind the screen, you know? I like sharing those little things around almost as much I like sharing actual fun facts about anything random.

Fun Fact: Movie trailers were originally shown AFTER a movie played in theatres, which is why they are even called “trailers” in the first place!

Photos: I have always enjoyed taking photos, but I am nothing close to being considered a professional—they’re usually taken from my phone. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t share the ones that I love the most! So I’ve publicly posted them on their own page here, in case if anybody was interested in checking them out.

Like I said, I like sharing. And I really am proudest of those specific pictures.

Directory: This one is pretty self-explanatory; I wanted people to be able to come to my blog and find whatever it is they’re looking for. If they are looking for anything specific, anyway.

I think this really just says that either I am

  1. An obsessive neat freak, or
  2. Really need organization in my life.

Just in case you were wondering, both definitely apply to me. And yes: you can be both. Because even though my bedroom looks like a tornado hit it 90% of the time, the other 10% of the time, it’s like somebody threw everything out and bleached down the entire room. It’s crazy, really.

When I go into beast mode, I am in it until I am completely finished. I can’t stop halfway…which is exactly why it takes me ten years to do anything.


I love widgets. They are the sole reason I changed the theme of my blog.

That’s where my bio is supposed to be: on the sidebar, above my beloved widgets. I really do need to get on top of that. Maybe I’ll just put my old one up until I make a new one. It does still apply for the most part…

I love how widgets kind of keep you up to date. They modernize you. You can follow my social media from there, you can subscribe to my blog via email…it just keeps you on top of what I have to say. And I love that idea.

I also have a cute little countdown on there, because I like to show what I’m excited about that is quickly coming up. Right now, I am counting down the days until I’m leaving for Florida (AKA my older sister, Joanne) (AKA Disney). I’m really excited about it, even though I’m 100% sure I’m either going to melt into a puddle or die of a heat stroke.

I don’t do well with heat.

You can also see posts that I like from other blogs on my sidebar—which, I can’t lie, it’s usually from Thought Catalogue. It’s like they know my soul. It is my soul.

Okay, that’s a stretch—but they’re really good at what they do, and saying that cracks me up. (Devin from Buzzfeed’s Lady Like says it in a video.)

Closing Time

So I think I hit just about everything on my blog. Except for my little logo on the top, which I made. It’s cute, right? I was going to watermark it, and then I thought that that might be going a little too far. I’m not famous or anything…yet.

…Just kidding!

By the way, thank you for reading, guys. I really appreciate you, and your support! (Assuming that’s why you’re reading…probably not a good idea, but hey, I gotta stay positive!)

Prompt: Think of your blog as a mirror: what does it reveal? Consider your blog name, theme choice, design, bio, posts…what does every element tell you about yourself?

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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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