Solar Eclipse

Hey Guys!

So here I am, thinking I was going to be able to see the solar eclipse with my naked eye outside of the building at work.

Well, jokes on me!

I was lucky enough that the COO of the company I work at was already outside, looking with the glasses she purchased herself, because she was kind enough to let me get a look at the eclipse…

…and it is literally the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life!

The sun looks like the moon in waning crescent form with the special sunglasses on, and it is so spectacular. In another ten minutes is when we should be able to see the most coverage we’re going to be able to see from Long Island, but I am so stunned from what I’ve already seen, that I am almost at a loss for words.

To be standing outside with the highest superior of my building, looking at this phenomenon, was so surreal. How can anyone not love this stuff?

This is the first solar eclipse in about 37 years. I hope I get to see another one again. I’ll be heading to the viewing room in a couple of minutes. I am so excited!

I hope everyone else gets the chance to see this, too. We might not get one for another 40 years or so!

Edit: I just watched the eclipse totality in South Carolina over the TV, and wow! I’m just so amazed. It was completely dark, and all you saw was the ring of sunlight around the moon! SO COOL.

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