If I’m Going to Be Honest: A Poem About Addiction

If I’m going to be honest,

I don’t see the appeal of drugs.


Nobody gains anything from doing them

Except an addiction

And a high that only lasts

A limited amount of time.


If I’m going to be honest,

I don’t think the high

Is worth the pain.


Your problems are still there

To catch up with you

When you come back down

From your flight.


And in a way, I think

Alcohol is the worst one

Because you don’t see the problem

Until your loved ones are crying

Over the fact that you’d rather choose

The bottle in your hand

Than a healthy body


Or a child that shouldn’t have to worry

About the person who raised them.


You’re the one who taught them

How to walk, how to talk,

And to say, “I’m sorry,”

And, “thank you,”

Like respectable human beings.


You’re the one who taught them

Wrong from right,

And right from left,

And that boys aren’t meant

To hit girls

Unless they attack first.


You’re the person

Those kids look up to most,

You are their God

Until they find out the truth:

You’re not perfect.


And doing these drugs

Will hurt those kids

Far worse than scraping their knee

On the driveway,

Or the boy who decided

Your daughter wasn’t enough

After giving away the one thing

She can’t get back.


I just don’t get it,

How that bottle full of liquid

Or pills

Or something far worse

Is worth the deterioration

Of your body

Or your relationships

Or your sanity.


Drinking away your sorrows

won’t exile those issues to Timbuktu;

Instead, They’re just on a quick trip

To the local grocery store.


Popping pills

And snorting coke

Won’t make your life perfect,

Or even your broken heart

Whole again.


You have to do that for yourself.



Can save you

Except for yourself.


Your family and friends—

Those people that love you—

They can only stand by

And hope for the best.


That you won’t keel over,

That you will wake up,

That you will want to change.


Having a fun night out

With your friends is one thing.


But making it a habit

Will only kill you,

And the hearts of those



So I hope you find it,

Somewhere in your heart

To think of those people,

And your well-being,

And say,


“It’s not worth it,

And I’m done.”

Posted by

A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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