Robert Moses on a Wednesday

I’m from Long Island, so there’s basically a beach twenty minutes away from where you are at all times.

My family’s go-to is Robert Moses.After work on Wednesday last week, Rebecca was afraid to head home because of traffic, so I invited her over my house to hang out. As you can see, we didn’t end up staying at my house.

We were meeting in front of my house. My sister, Brianna, picked me up from work when I got the text from Beck about an idea of going to the beach for a few minutes. It was way past Burning Hour, so of course I was interested.

We piled up in Brianna’s Jeep, made a quick stop at Carvel for ice cream, and headed over to Robert Moses.

Mind you, I’m still in my work clothes, so I wasn’t sure if we were just going to sit in the car, or walk down to the beach.

I’ve never gone to the beach right after work before. Imagine a public beach on a Wednesday, sometime around 6:00pm. You would think that the place would be desolate.

Nope. Not on Long Island.

A bunch of people were on Field 2, as if it were Saturday morning. It was so weird to me.

But we had a good time, soft serve ice cream, and I got a couple great pictures out of the spontaneous outing.

Prompt: Post the last picture you’ve taken.

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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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