An Open Letter to Friends in Relationships

Hey You,

Here’s some advice: don’t ask single people relationship advice—especially single people who have never been in a relationship before. Continue reading “An Open Letter to Friends in Relationships”

Thinking Of You

After five years, he just happened to be walking down her street. He had been on the move for hours, just trying to catch some air. He hasn’t felt this way since they were in grad school together, young and in love. His goal wasn’t to see her, but here he was, across the street from the black door that he used to walk through. Continue reading “Thinking Of You”

I’m Not Really Sure What My Zodiac Sign Is

I’ve always considered myself an Aries, up until the last couple of years, when I was told that I could also be considered a Taurus. This is because my birthday is April 19th, which lands on the last day under the Aries zodiac sign. I still think of myself an Aries the majority of the time, but I do also check up on all things Taurus as … Continue reading I’m Not Really Sure What My Zodiac Sign Is