Danger’s My Last Name: An Autobiography

To be honest, I don’t think my life is exciting enough for an autobiography. But it would be pretty cool to have something to go back to that is full of facts and secrets around and about my life. If anyone is nosy, like me, they would just have to pick up a book, and they’d know what was going on in my head during major life events. Continue reading “Danger’s My Last Name: An Autobiography”

Personal Parallels And Complete Coincidences

Do you ever find out random facts about your family, and are so intrigued by this new information, that you almost find it unbelievable? Not necessarily like it was information so disturbing, that members were trying to keep it hidden, but pieces are randomly left out in the air, and you happen to put two and two together? Continue reading “Personal Parallels And Complete Coincidences”

Everything Comes In Threes

I am a firm believer in numbers. And by that, I mean that I believe numbers have some kind of meaning behind them—especially when they continue to pop out of nowhere. Continue reading “Everything Comes In Threes”

Let The Music Play

Did you know that listening to music for thirty minutes a day can reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and even physical pain? I bet you didn’t. But I bet that you did know that it helps improve your memory. Which it does—it’s a no brainer, really. Continue reading “Let The Music Play”

The Confusing Truth

The last couple of weeks have been really hard on me. And if you’ve tried to contact me during that time, you would have known, because chances are that I did not answer your calls or texts. Continue reading “The Confusing Truth”

Autumn Leaves

Autumn and spring have always tied as my favorite seasons. They are just the way I like the world I live in: neither too hot nor too cold, and they’re the most colorful and lively times of the year. Continue reading “Autumn Leaves”