A little girl smiles

And jumps into her father’s arms

When he surprises her

With a bouquet of daisies.

“I’ve missed you so much,”

She cries into his shoulder,

Hoping she doesn’t have to sit around

And wait for him to come home ever again.

“I missed you more,”

He replies, pulling his baby girl

Closer to his chest, so she doesn’t see

The tears fall from his eyes.

When they finally let go,

Georgia puts her new flowers in a vase,

And her father changes

Out of his uniform.

She makes her father lasagna

for dinner because it’s his favorite.

He smiles at her attempt,

And eats all of it.

Suddenly, it’s ten years later, and

Georgia is home from New York.

She’s all grown up,

and brought a friend.

“Nick,” she says,

From the passenger side.

She gazes out her window,

“I don’t know if I can do this.”

Her best friend wraps his hand around hers,

And gives it a kiss

Before telling her exactly what she needs to hear:

“You’d hate yourself if you didn’t.”

Why does he have to be right?

She thinks to herself, before getting back on track.

“You gotta make a right up at the stop sign,

It’s the second house on the left.”

He does as she says,

And opens every door for her.

Georgia straightens out her dress,

And allows herself into the room.

The room is full of people

She doesn’t know

Except for maybe one or two

Close to the front.

She stands by the door,

Terrified of moving forward,

And afraid of turning around.

Nick takes her hand.

He escorts her to the front,

Walking slowly.

“Put one foot in front of the other,”

He whispers to her.

But Georgia can’t hear him.

She can’t even see the other thirty people

Watching them.

Because she’s locked on her dad.

Her dad,

Who has taken care of her

Since he first laid eyes on her

When she was four years old.

Her dad,

Who didn’t know what love was

Until a little girl made him

Believe in miracles and fairytales.

Her dad,

Who fought for his country

And his little girl

Until he couldn’t anymore.

Her dad,

Who protected all people,

Big and small,

But couldn’t take care of himself.

“Kyle Trenton was a good man,”

The speaker started

After everybody quieted down.

“He defended us all.

“He was a friend and a father,

And was taken all too soon.”

Georgia thought about the phone call

She received in the middle of the night.

It was a robbery.

Her dad was just picking up

A little something from the store

When three men stormed in.

They went right for the cashier

Of the drugstore,

And Kyle intervened.

He shouldn’t have been there.

But he was,

And he was shot three times

Before he fell to the ground

With a dozen daisies in his hand.

After she’d seen the tape,

She wished she hadn’t.

Georgia just wanted to know

How it could have happened.

Aunt Nina gave the eulogy,

And as beautiful as it was,

Georgia just wanted it to be over.

All she wanted was a hug from her dad.

So when it finally ended,

She received hugs from strangers,

Aunt Nina, Uncle Billy,

And, finally, Nick.

“I wish I could have met him,”

He says before letting her go,

So she could talk to her Dad

One last time.

Georgia kneels next to her father,

And quickly fixes his hair.

“If only I made it home

A couple of hours earlier, Daddy.”

She opens her purse,

And pulls out a little gift for him.

“You’re gonna need this,” she tells him,

Placing a single daisy over his heart.


Prompt: Write a poem about anything you want, but somehow include flowers into the mix.

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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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