The Golden Hour

I am a night owl, hands down; mornings just don’t do it for me.

Hearing the words, “I need you to be ready by…” make me flinch. Hell, just hearing 6:00am sounds like a death sentence.  And it’s not like I can go to bed early, so I have a full night’s rest to be up and walking so early in the morning. No, if I go to bed at a normal people time, such as 9:00pm, I’d be up around 4:00am, wandering around the house and checking locks, until I found myself ready to go back to bed. And that, my friends, is the gospel truth.

Normally, you can find me in my bed the minute I’m home from work. Actually, most of my time outside of work is spent in my bed. There isn’t really anywhere around my house to hang out without someone looking over your shoulder. So my bedroom is ninety-nine percent of the time the place you’ll find me.

I don’t actually get ready for bed until almost 10:30pm, but even then, I can’t actually fall asleep until around 2:00am, depending on what I’m watching, and how invested I am at the time.

I also can’t fall sleep without some type of noise; the silence kind of freaks me out. The last thing I want to be doing when I’m ready for sleep is thinking, and that’s exactly what silence leads to for me.

Maybe as I get older, the earlier morning hours can become a thing that I can look forward to. I’ve always preferred twilight over dawn, anyway.

I guess you could assume that I’m more interested in endings than beginnings.

You would probably be right.

Prompt: 6:00am: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00am bedtime?

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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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