Autumn Leaves

Autumn and spring have always tied as my favorite seasons. They are just the way I like the world I live in: neither too hot nor too cold, and they’re the most colorful and lively times of the year.

It’s when the good kind of rain comes crashing through: the kind that feels fresh. The kind of rain that feels like it’s doing us a favor, much like the plants around us. In the winter, rain becomes hail—which nobody likes. And in the summer, the rain is warm and gross (most of the time), almost like an extra layer of sweat.

Long story short, rain during the more extreme seasons are not my cup of tea.

The flowers of spring bring a little life to the world, especially after having to deal with the dead, bare trees from the winter. The springtime makes my world a little brighter, and a little warmer; it even makes life feel a little better. (You know, despite the allergies.)

And as for fall, my very favorite time of the year, it’s the time we get to cool down from the scorching summers that only seem to be getting hotter as the years go on. Yes, the leaves are essentially dying, but it does make for a beautiful atmosphere. And my favorite holiday resides in the middle of the rustic season.  And although Halloween is one of my Top Five Favorite Days of the Year, it isn’t the day that I consider the best day of the year—as much as I get into in the Halloween spirit, way too many weirdos come out that day.

I do joke about April 25th being the perfect date, but that’s mostly because of Miss Congeniality. But I do have to say, if I were to pick a perfect date in the springtime, April 25th is a real contender. (But I also really like April 27th.)

I’d say the best single day of the year is October 4th. I’ve always thought that specific day was kind of cool, particularly because in numerical terms it is 10-4, but I’ve come to just really like that set date. There is no special thing that has ever happened on that date, no significance whatsoever—it’s just there. But I kind of like it that way. It’s set at a time when we’re getting over that awkward timeframe where we have cold mornings and hot afternoons. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold, and the leaves are starting to change. It’s perfect.

Prompt: In your opinion, what is the best single day on the calendar?

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