Personal Parallels And Complete Coincidences

Do you ever find out random facts about your family, and are so intrigued by this new information, that you almost find it unbelievable? Not necessarily like it was information so disturbing, that members were trying to keep it hidden, but pieces are randomly left out in the air, and you happen to put two and two together?

Me too.

Way before I was born, my mom was married to a guy that she dated in high school (not my dad). With that guy, she had my older sister, Joanne, in 1983, and then my brother, Rick, a year after that.

Fast forward eleven years into the future, and it’s 1995. My mom is married to a different guy (my dad), and gives birth to yours truly. So Joanne is twelve years older than me, and Rick is eleven.

Oma, my paternal grandmother, married twice in her life, just like my mother did. The first time around, she had two children with a guy named Joseph (Josef? I don’t know how you spell it, he was Czechoslovakian—when the Czech Republic and Slovakia were still one country). My Aunt Margarete was born in 1951, and then my Uncle Charlie was born a year later.

Fast forward again, and Oma is remarried to another guy, my Opa, Charles. She had another two kids with him, being my Aunt Roxanne and my dad. Aunt Roxanne was born in 1963, my dad in 1965. My dad is kind of irrelevant to where I’m getting at, but I figured I’d tell you when he was born.

Recap: Aunt Margarete was born in 1951, Uncle Charlie in 1952, and Aunt Roxanne is born in 1963. Now, if you do the math, you’d see that Aunt Margarete is twelve years older than Aunt Roxanne, and Uncle Charlie is eleven. And they’re from a different marriage, just like my older siblings and me.

Weird, right?

Well here’s another parallel to wrap your head around: Aunt Roxanne is my godmother, and like I said before, she is my dad’s sister. For as long as I can remember, people have always mistaken Aunt Roxanne for my mom.

Picture this: my mom is blue-eyed, has straight blonde hair, and has a thin nose with an indent in it. Absolutely none of my physical features match hers whatsoever, so if you’ve ever seen me with just my mom, you would probably think that I was adopted. Spoiler alert: not adopted.

However, I look a whole lot like my Aunt Roxanne, who is basically my dad with long hair. And growing up, she was the one that would go on school field trips with me, and I spent a lot of time with her since she didn’t have my cousin, Andrew, at the time, so I was constantly mistaken for her child. We just look a lot alike, okay? It makes sense.

My goddaughter, Kylie, is Rick’s daughter—so I am to Kylie as Aunt Roxanne is to me. And basically since she was born, I’ve heard a lot of comments about how much she looks like my brother’s side of the family, specifically me.

Which is weird, because even though my family’s genes are super strong, you have to remember that Kylie is Rick’s kid, and my brother is my mom’s kid. And I look like my dad, who isn’t biologically connected to Kylie at all. So isn’t it kind of weird that I look more like my godmother than my mom, and my goddaughter’s features match mine more than my sister-in-law’s? I sure think so.

Okay, I’ve got one more for you, but this one isn’t as much of a parallel, as it is just plain coincidental. This about this:

  • My mom was born in 1965
  • Her sister, my Aunt Sue, was born in 1971
  • Her baby sister, my Aunt Peg, was born in 1977
  • My sister, Joanne, was born in 1983
  • I was born in 1995
  • My baby sister, Caitlyn, was born in 2001

If you pay attention to the years, they’re almost all six years apart, except for the gap between Joanne’s birth and my own, which is double that. To be honest, that probably doesn’t seem weird at all to most people, but I can’t help but think how eerily perfect that is. Nobody plans births like that! And to make things a little more odd, both six and twelve are divisible by the number three, which keeps showing up in my life like crazy.

It’s all tied together, man. I don’t know how to deal with myself.

Prompt: Talk about things that you know to be true, but find odd.

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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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