We’re Going To A Concert

I think I was seventeen the first time I ever truly got in trouble with my parents.

For that birthday, my cousin, Rebecca, surprised me with a ticket to see The Wanted, which was a British boy band we both loved. The two of us were going with one of her best friends, Justin, and his girlfriend, Jessica, and all of us were super excited.

I knew that the concert was in the city, and neither of my parents are really big fans of the city, so when the time came, I just asked if I can sleep over Beck’s house that weekend. (I left the whole part about going into the city without actual adults out of the picture. I knew they wouldn’t go for it.)

Since the concert was on a Saturday, Aunt Erika (Beck’s mom) picked me up the night before, on the way home from work. Unlike my parents, Beck’s parents knew very well where we were going the next day; I think Aunt Erika had even asked me if my parents were okay with me going into the city. I don’t remember exactly, but I think she did. So that would have meant that I probably lied.

Which was weird, because I never really intentionally lied to anybody growing up, unless it involved hurting feelings. I was usually a cooperative child. I think I just really wanted to go to that concert, and I would have done just about anything to get there.

The next morning, me and Beck got ready to the music of The Wanted. I remember Rebecca screaming while I was putting on eyeliner. When I asked her what was up, she pointed her phone in my direction. One of the guys of the group, Siva, either favorited or retweeted her tweet (I don’t remember which) about us going to see them, and how excited she was. It was a really big deal.

Later on, when we met up with Justin and Jess, we grabbed egg sandwiches and hopped on the train. Which was packed, of course. We stood the whole way there, listening to the band’s music in our earphones.

The line outside of the Best Buy theatre wrapped around the building. It was nuts. I didn’t know how all of us were supposed to fit inside of the theatre, since it was general admission. I panicked over the crowd a little bit, despite my excitement.

Beck had seen The Wanted before, and made a friend, named Lexi, the last time she saw them. They planned for us to meet up, and we were lucky enough to have found her. She was a really chill girl, and we stood on line near her.

It was really hot out, and I was getting irritated waiting outside for the doors to open. If you haven’t met me, I should let you know that I am The Most Annoying Person when it comes to being in hot weather. I even almost got into a fight with some girl who was wearing barely any clothes, because I said something, and she got super defensive. It probably would have been funny, if none of us were so annoyed.

When we finally were let in, Beck advised me to follow her, and to keep pushing. Before stepping into the chaos that was teenaged girls, I turned to Justin and Jess, and told them to follow me. And then we started to push through.

There was a lot of pushing. Me pushing towards Beck and the stage, others pushing me back. I pushed harder.

This was how general admission worked. Great.

What was even worse was that the crowd wasn’t even at its worst. Karmin was opening for The Wanted, and at that time, not many people knew who the duo were, or any of their music, except for that one song, called Brokenhearted. I was lucky enough to have known other songs off Amy and Nick’s album, so I probably enjoyed them more than the rest of the crowd did.

And then when it was time for The Wanted to come out, I flew forward.

Let me tell you something: general admission shows are really exciting, but the audience doesn’t care about your body. They just care about getting closer. And this group of people pushed me like five feet forwards. My feet barely touched the ground. It was crazy.

I was also crazy close to the stage.

Seeing the boys come out was insane, what with the pushing, and just seeing them so close in front of me. And then their singing was just so amazing in person. It was one of the best nights of my life. I didn’t think about it at the time, but it was definitely worth getting in trouble for. At two different points of the show, I could have sworn that both Max and Nathan locked eyes with me.

Nathan was my favorite of the group. And I was a crazy fangirl, hoping for them to see me. Thinking that not just one of the guys, but two of them, looked at me was such a highlight. I remember talking about it the whole way back to Beck’s house, and then again, before having to go home the next day.

And then when I got home, both of my parents were outside, waiting for me. And at that time, my dad was already living at Oma’s house, so I knew I was in big, big trouble. Nothing says you’re so grounded like being yelled at outside of your home. My punishment was no friends and no One Direction concert with Jeanette, her mom, and sister, that summer.

I was a really big baby, and cried about it a lot. But now that I think about it, I was probably better off. I got to stand not even ten feet away from The Wanted, and have a really good time with really good people, in exchange for sitting really far away from Harry Styles. I did eventually get to see One Direction at Met Life Stadium, and that was a little disappointing, because you could barely hear the guys sing over the screaming girls. So The Wanted was a better choice anyway.

Can you say, worth it? Because I definitely can.

Prompt: What is the most memorable gift you’ve received?

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