On the last episode of The Amanda Show,

Amanda was really depressed and moody and annoying, but now she seems like she’s okay—which is insane, because absolutely nothing has changed except her attitude.

A friend called her out on being elusive, and sent Amanda into a huge panic attack about losing said friend, but now everything is also good with that too because the two girls finally hung out last weekend, and had a great time (probably because it involved Target, Taco Bell, Hocus Pocus, and driving at 3am—basically all of Amanda’s favorite things).

Amanda’s mom also texted her and her sister, Caitlyn, that morning to tell them to Save The Date in late September next year, because they have a hot date with a ginger and his guitar—who Amanda has loved since high school. So some happy tears have been shed. (It wasn’t cute.)

Halloween season has been in full swing, especially since Amanda² got together and carved pumpkins while listening to Halloween music, which Amanda was really looking forward to.

Speaking of last weekend, there was also a meteor shower going on, so Amanda² went outside when it was supposed to be at it’s peak around 2am on Saturday, but it turns out Amanda² is super impatient, because after only thirty minutes, they dipped and went back into the house. But the sky was crystal clear, so they could see tons of stars, so that was a cool experience all on its own. (Amanda swore she saw one shooting star, but she keeps second guessing whether or not she actually saw it.)

Amanda’s dad, Heinrich, also let her take the truck to drop off and pick up Caitlyn from the high school, which Amanda was really enthusiastic about…until she realized the gas tank was almost completely empty, so she had another little episode on her way to pick up her sister. Thankfully, there was a gas station down the block from the school, so the girls put some gas in the truck, so they wouldn’t break down on the way home. Amanda felt liberated.

Heinrich and his best friend/Amanda’s godfather, James, have also been redoing the living room floor in their house, because one of the family dogs, Luna, previously ripped up the carpeting. So now the place looks a little less ugly, which makes Amanda a little less annoyed/embarrassed about her home.

Also—after, like, three years—Amanda felt good enough to take some photos of herself, and finally change her profile picture on all of her social media platforms. (It was much needed!)

And just this morning, Amanda’s aunt/godmother, Roxanne, surprised her with some dates to take a Five-Hour Pre-license Course to get the show on the road, which Amanda was excited about, although Roxanne didn’t think she would be.

So, a lot has been happened in the last week, and Amanda’s not really sure which part was her favorite. (It’s probably that she was told she’s finally seeing Ed Sheeran after years of waiting.) So it looks like things are looking up!

And that’s what you missed on Glee.

Prompt: What is the best thing that’s happened to you in the past week?

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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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