Ghost of Halloween’s Past

Since today is my favorite holiday, and I’m in the spooky spirit, I want to share what I have previously dressed up as for Halloween. I kind of wish I was at home writing this, so I had pictures on hand from my childhood years; but I am only stuck with what I can find on my phone, from more recent years—so that’s what you’re going to get.

here we go

A Clown | Baby’s First Halloween…not like I’d remember, I’ve just seen it in pictures and this video my parents put together of basically my entire first year of life.

Cinderella | The dress Oma made me that I mentioned in another post. I was obsessed with that dress. It’s gotta be somewhere in my house… (In the photo, left to right: my cousin, Jessica, as Dorothy Gale, Me, and Rebecca as a bee.)cinderella

A Black Cat | Yeah, I guess I was a basic kid. It was literally my black leotard from dance, stockings, and black dress shoes with ears and a tail. Either Joanne or Mom gave me my whiskers, I’m not really sure who did them, though. I have pictures of me in that costume in my photo album at home.

Annie | The orphan—but a glamorous one at that. That girl was like my idol; I was obsessed with that movie. One year in dance, we did a song from the movie, so I wore that costume for Halloween that same year. It’s actually the one in that picture of me and Brianna with Oma and Nanny.

devilA Devil | I was actually two different kinds of a devil—once a red devil in a short dress in middle school (I felt scandalous and super cute), and a ghetto one in college (I was comfy as hell). (In the photo: my friend, Karina, as Minnie Mouse, and me as my ghetto devil, in our freshman year of college)

Pirate | Luckily, I borrowed that costume from Jeanette’s mom (so that means I didn’t have to spend the money). Our group of friends (us two, my sister Brianna, our other best friend growing up, Brittany, and Jeanette’s boyfriend at the time, Joey) all dressed up as pirates. We thought we were cute. (In the photo, left to right: my sister-in-law, Ryan, as an ’80s chick, and me and Brianna as pirates)pirate

Vampire | So I was a Vampire twice, when I was really into Twilight…and I don’t really think there needs to be any more explanation. Kids will be kids, right?

A Random Goth Chick | What can I say? One year, I got lazy, wore my own clothes (I’ve owned a ton of black clothes since my early teenaged years),  straightened my bangs, put on a choker, some black lipstick, and called it a day.

Sandy from Grease | So like…I was Sandy (post-transformation) for three different years. I guess you can say that I like Grease. (Also, that outfit was super easy to put together, since I already owned a lot of black clothing and a leather jacket…)

me justina beckA Pink Lady | Speaking of Grease, I was also a Pink Lady twice—what else are you supposed to do when you own the pink satin jacket? (In the photo, left to right: me as a Pink Lady, my cousin, Justina, as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and Beck as a black cat.)

Red | So I was the badass Russian chef from Orange Is The New Black in college. Basically everyone in the suite I lived in dressed up as different characters from the Netflix Original hit show, and being the ginger, I was Red by default—but I didn’t mind though, she’s one of my favorite characters. Our friend, PK, was our closest guy friend, so he became Pornstache…and he was a little too into it. It was a blast. (In the photo, left to right: Me as Red, Ailish as Lorna Morello, Mandy as Nikki Nichols, Megan as Alex Vause, PK as Pornstache, Mariah as Piper Chapman, Amani as Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, Courtney as Tastee Jefferson, Shniv as Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett, Olive as Daya Diaz)


Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie | So I had this obsession with witches and genies and magic, and I remember my mom buying this pink genie costume for me that was supposed to be like Jeannie’s from that old television show, and being so excited. My makeup was horrendous (i.e.: very pink outfit, very blue eye shadow), but I thought I looked cool back then, so I owned it.

maliceMalice In Wonderland | The costume was basically a Gothic version of Alice, I might have been her twice as well. I borrowed that costume from Rebecca, but I guess I never gave it back to her…because it’s in my closet. (In the photo: me, and Joanna, a cousin of a cousin.)

group 2016

Maleficient | This was my most recent costume for my Aunt Jodi and Uncle Tim’s Annual Halloween Party last year. I literally just purchased the horns and cape, and wore my own black dress. I actually did a great job with this one, and sadly, never took a good picture with it on. (In the photo, left to right: Caitlyn’s friend, Keyla, as a vampire, Cait as a firewoman, my friend, Laura, as a hunter, Rebecca, as a some type of gangster, Brianna as a dirty old man, me, and Justina as Minnie Mouse.)


Happy Halloween, y’all. Be polite, have fun, and be safe.

Prompt: List the different things or characters you’ve been for Halloween.

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