Control: A Revelation

I guess you can say I’m a control freak. But then again, I feel like people are more controlling than they lead on. I think it has more to do with certainties and order than anything else; I like knowing what’s going to happen next, so I can make clear decisions. But life isn’t like that, and boy, do I know it. Everything is about chance and is ever-changing; the decisions we make change our paths constantly. Continue reading “Control: A Revelation”

Little Lady

Sometimes, I look at my dog and wonder what she was like before we took her home from the shelter. When we first met her, her name was Linda. You know, Linda—like a person’s name. We didn’t like it at all; it was a weird name for a dog. Continue reading “Little Lady”

27 Days And Counting

For as long as I can remember, Christmastime has always been a happy time of the year for me. I enjoyed the music, the decorating, the driving around and looking at houses, the searching and wrapping of gifts for everyone, ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas—all of it. Although it’s not my favorite holiday, I love Christmas. Continue reading “27 Days And Counting”

That Thing

You know, I was always a very picky person; if you asked me what my “perfect” idea of a boyfriend/husband/whatever when I was a child (or even a teenager), I would have been able to tell you every little thing that I wanted. I can be really specific. Continue reading “That Thing”

Security Blanket

As you may or may not know, I spend just about every Wednesday at my mother’s house. And last week, we had to go to my old high school to pick up Heinrich from practice, and then shoot on over to bring Caitlyn to the dentist’s office. It was a much busier Wednesday night than usual. Continue reading “Security Blanket”

Having The Power

Whenever I’ve thought of having any supernatural powers, I’ve always thought that it would be coolest to be a witch; I felt like superheroes have way too much weight on their shoulders, and I mean, superheroes are usually limited to only having one cool power. Witches could do whatever the hell they wanted—that’s where it was at for me. Continue reading “Having The Power”