Nothing Wrong With A Little Confidence

There’s nothing quite like being able to shower in the morning. You wake up, you set up your outfit for the day, you grab your towel (or two, if you’re like me, and need one for your mane), and go. It is rare when I get to shower in the morning—if anything, it will happen on the weekends. Otherwise, it’s nights for me.

Don’t you just love it when you get the chance to take your sweet, sweet time? I know I do. When I get the time, the house knows it, too, because there is most likely a concert happening in our very own bathroom.

I can be a bit of a character.

During the week, especially when I have work, I usually have my clothes set out the night before. But, on the weekends, I get to wear whatever the hell I want, so I enjoy picking out those then the most.

I’m pretty particular with the clothing I wear. Despite what people would assume, I actually love to wear jeans. I swear specific pants for work, but I love getting to change into either jeans, shorts, or leggings. It’s not like the work pants aren’t comfortable—they’re just not me. Jeans make me feel like I’m leaving the house, so jeans are what I try to go for, especially because I would actually like to leave my house on weekends.

When it comes to tops, I’m open for just about any style—but when it comes to color, and even design, I’m extremely picky. It’s rare when you find me in a warm color, and you will never, ever in a million years find me in paisley. I stopped wearing paisley the minute my mother let me start picking out what I wanted to wear.

I think I prefer plain tee shirts over any other kind of shirt, but I love cardigans and kimonos. I only own one cardigan (and zero kimonos), but I think they’re really cute. Denim and leather jackets are cute, too. So I guess I’m kind of into outerwear more than the rest of the outfit.

One thing I’ve mentioned before, is that I hate wearing shoes, but I love buying them. That is actually more like a half-true statement because I do love wearing shoes…just not inside. I live for being barefoot or just wearing socks. I get yelled at about it a lot, especially during the cooler seasons, but I can’t help myself. I don’t like the feeling of having trapped feet. I probably won’t be That Guy who asks you to take off their shoes when you walk into my home, but best believe that I will be The Guy to take off their shoes the second they enter yours.

I love the feeling that I’m well put-together. It actually happens more often than you would think, because I have to be for work, but I specifically love looking good outside of work. Because that doesn’t happen often.

Usually when I get home from work, because I don’t really go anywhere after I get home, I immediately change into comfy clothes. And I don’t try to look good for the people I live with. I try to find the softest pair of leggings (or the cleanest pair of shorts), and the biggest shirt I own. I’m basically ready for bed the minute I get home. No exaggerations.

But on the weekends, when I can be put together, I really look forward to that. It’s then that I feel like a real human being. At work, I’m basically a robot; but at home, I am free to express myself and how I feel with my outfits.

More than anything, I feel the most confident when I have three things:

  1. A good hair day,
  2. makeup on, and
  3. my nails painted.

That probably sounds superficial, but I don’t care. When I feel like I look good, I feel better about myself. When I can get my eye shadow and liner to be symmetrical, I feel like a rock star. And if my lipstick is the right shade, I feel like I can conquer anything. And if my brows are filled in? Forget it, because if I put that much effort into how I look, I better be leaving the house. I will not—I repeat, will not—be filling out my eyebrows just to walk around my house like that.

I feel so put together when my nails aren’t chipped. It’s just about as satisfying as wearing matching undergarments. And let me tell you something: wearing undergarments that match each other can make any woman feel freaking amazing. I’ve yet to hear of someone that says they’re having a horrible day when they’re wearing a bra and underwear that match. Ever. When my nails are crisp and uniform, that is how good that feels for me. It’s like I actually have a piece of my life in order.

But, most of all, if I have a good hair day, I am like a pig in mud: The Happiest Girl Ever. I start running my fingers through it, flipping it, and whipping it around. I’ll stand in front of a fan—or if it’s windy out, stand outside—and pretend I’m Beyoncé in concert. Honestly, I don’t even know how to handle myself when I’m having a good hair day.

You know, until I eventually get sick of myself, and end up putting it up in a bun.

It, truly, is the little things in life that make me happiest. I feel like if I can look good, I can basically rule the world. So I guess my self-esteem has built up a bit in the last few years of my life!

I hope other girls feel that way when they do themselves up. If I could have one selfless wish, I would want all women to be able to feel like they are Beyoncé in concert. It’s such a high; it feels like nobody can touch you.

Prompt: Finish the sentence, “I feel most confident when…”

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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

One thought on “Nothing Wrong With A Little Confidence

  1. I love coming home and putting on comfy clothes! And jeans are a staple in my wardrobe! Besides work (when I wear scrubs), I will always be wearing some form of jeans!


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