Little Lady

Sometimes, I look at my dog and wonder what she was like before we took her home from the shelter. When we first met her, her name was Linda. You know, Linda—like a person’s name. We didn’t like it at all; it was a weird name for a dog.

Seriously…who names their dog Linda?

So we decided to change it. We stuck with something close enough that we didn’t confuse her—she was already grown when we got her—but far enough away that it didn’t sound stupid to us. And so, she became Lady.

The day we went down to the shelter, the girls that worked there told us about their suspicions with Lady’s original owner. For one thing, the man who brought her in was her owner, even though he claimed to not have known the dog. And she was a very shy, obedient dog; so the girls guessed that the guy abused her.

They took her in, bathed and fed her, and waited for someone to take her home, just like they did for all the other dogs that ended up there. And when we showed up, Dad originally had his eye on another dog.

Another dog that wasn’t too good with other animals. And that didn’t really work out for us because we had Oma’s dog, Pixie, in the house.

I don’t remember what led us to checking Linda out. I just remember getting to play with her, eventually taking her home with us, and changing her name. She was such a sweet dog.

Lady fit her.

♦  ♦  ♦

I took this picture yesterday, before going to work. Right before this, I took one of Luna, and thought about how I don’t really ever take any good pictures of Lady. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a good photo, but I was happy to get one at all. I put it up on Snapchat right after the picture I took of Luna, and captioned it with: oh hi there.

You know how dogs have their favorite human? I don’t know if I’m actually Lady’s favorite (probably not, since I never give her human food), but I’m the one she always ends up next to. She sleeps in my room, and Oma tells me all the time that she scratches at my door and looks for me, when I’m not home. So I’d like to think that I’m her favorite.

If not that, then I’d take being her second favorite.

She just looked so cute and so sleepy yesterday, but she looked right at me, and I took it as permission to take the photo. I love that Little Lady.

Prompt: What was the last photo you took? Post and talk about it a little. Make the title of the post what you would title the picture.

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