I Can’t Be The One You Need

“Grow up.”

Excuse me?

“I’m sorry;

It’s just that

I can’t be the one to pick you up

Every damn time you fall apart.

It’s not my job;

You’re not a child,

And I’m not your parent.

And I think we both know

That I’ve shown you

More than enough times

That I would do

Just about anything for you.

You are, after all, my best friend.”


Deep breaths.

“I’m sorry, Bud.

I can’t stand up for you, anymore.

But, if you really want me to,

I’ll stand up with you.”

Another pause.

A tear is shed.

“I can’t be the one you need

At all times.

I just…

I can’t do it anymore.

You know,


Wonder Woman needs to save herself.

And if she can do it,

So can you.”

Prompt: Write a poem with an apology.

Posted by

A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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