Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

Like most other millennials out there, I am an avid viewer of television. Also like many other millennials, I’ve watched a good amount of Netflix, so I think that I’ve seen all the best shows out there. Okay, so maybe I know that I haven’t watched the Best Television Shows Of All Time, but I’ve definitely watched some that were so good, that I’ve went back and watched them again—multiple times, even. And after thinking about which ones were my favorites, this is what I’ve come up with.

Parks And Recreation


I have a confession to make (but I might have already mentioned before at some point, but I don’t know, so here goes): I have watched Parks and Rec so many times that I could probably quote the whole thing. That is how much I love this show. This was where I fell in love with the man himself, Chris Pratt, and found an idol in Amy Poehler. I don’t even know how to go on about this show, but I will say this: you can (and will) fall in love with each and every one of the main characters, and they will leave you wishing that you lived in the small, fictitious town of Pawnee, Indiana.



Warning: this show is a crier, so bring a box of tissues with you, if you ever plan on watching Parenthood. It is so damn good. Within the six seasons of the show, you really attach yourself to the characters, and even feel like you’re a part of the Bravermans. And even if you don’t, you wish you were part of the Bravermans. The story completely follows the one family, and jumps its center in between each branch of it, so you really get to learn about each character. Honestly, it’s just a really sweet, heart wrenching show.  And I mean, Lauren Graham’s in it; and if that doesn’t get you to want to watch it, I don’t know what will.

The Office


The Office was one of the first shows I’ve ever binge watched on Netflix…and the second most replayed show on my TV…and I regret nothing. I’ve never watched the original UK version with Ricky Gervais, but I don’t know if I could, since loving the US version so much. I quickly grew to love the characters, and the cast members who played them—especially those who played the three main male roles (Steve Carrell, John Kraskinski, and Rainn Wilson). Personally, I think I’m just a huge fan of the whole mockumentary idea; it really allowed the actors to utilize their comedic side. (And now that I think about it, that was probably the point…awkward.)



I feel like there was no way that Friends wasn’t going to show up on my list; I’ve been watching this show since I was a mere tater tot. I would sneak into my parents’ bed, late at night, just to watch it with my mom. Although having the characters live in the city without much money was pretty unrealistic, the show (and the majority of its characters) were fantastic. Ross was my favorite character when I was a kid, but when I rewatched the series on Netflix a few years back, I realized how much of an ass Ross was. Chandler is by far, in my opinion, the best character on that damn show. Even though he did get back together with Janice way too many times for my taste…

That’s So Raven


That’s So Raven was my number one favorite Disney show ever, and I’m still not sure if it’s because it was about a psychic, or because it starred Raven Symoné. But I don’t really think that kind of thing matters anyway, because this show is a classic. And, to be honest, if the whole show just happened to show up on Netflix or Hulu, I wouldn’t be mad in the slightest. I even have a favorite episode: the one where Raven has a vision about a talent scout showing up at her high school, and everyone starts performing for who they suspect is The Guy (that hallway song that Anneliese Van Der Pol sings still gets stuck in my head every now and then).

How I Met Your Mother


Okay, as much as I love love love this show, I know that there are plenty of flaws with it (i.e., the character Ted Mosby is the main focus of the show, but is also the most annoying character of the show; the ending will have you screaming at your television/tablet/phone/whatever). But despite the random things here and there, HIMYM is gold. You will love Lily and Marshall’s relationship more than you’ve loved any other couple ever, the one-liners are hilarious, and Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson is—hmm, how should I put this?—legendary. Sure, the main story line does drag on for nine  whole seasons, but the wait is worth it, for some people.

This Is Us


You want to watch a show that’ll make you cry endlessly? Watch This Is Us. Can you say tear-jerker? Boy oh boy. The show jumps between different points in time, following the the Pearson family, parented by none other than teen heartthrob, Mandy Moore, and Gilmore Girls star, Milo Ventimiglia. Before the show actually came out, I was hyped for it; the previews shown months in advance were so intense, that I was invested before I even got to watch episode one. And I mean getting to watch another show with Milo in it didn’t hurt, either. He’s the best.

One Tree Hill


I have to give all the credit for my love of this show to my college roommate, Megan. If it weren’t for her suggestion, I would have never been so invested in this teen drama. And let me tell you, it is very dramatic…but not to the point where you want to rip your eyes out. You fall in love with the characters (my favorite is still Nathan, his character development is everything), you yell at them through the screen, you become invested. Also, I knew zero percent knowledge about basketball before watching OTH. Now, I probably know about five percent knowledge—which is more than I was able to say before.

Fixer Upper


I love HGTV so much, I’m basically already a 40-year-old mom. I go through so many shows on that channel, but I’ve got to say that Fixer Upper is my favorite, hands down. I might have come to the party for the design and reconstruction, but I’ve stayed for everything that is Joanna and Chip Gaines. They are, what the kids would say, hashtag goals. I even purchased the book they “wrote” together (they had some other guy—Mark Dagostino—write it), The Magnolia Story, which literally tells you everything from how each of them were raised, how they met, how they started working together, the growth of their business, etcetera. They are truly wonderful, fascinating people; their show is definitely worth the watch…although it is coming close to an end.

And last, but certainly not least…

Boy Meets World


Honestly, I couldn’t tell you about a time that I didn’t know or watch this show. I just know that I’ve always loved Cory, and his relationship with Shawn, and his relationship with Topanga. I loved everything about this show. I loved the topics they brought up, how they followed the kids all the way into college, and how we got to watch everybody grow up. It’s definitely my number one favorite show of all time. Long live my favorite teacher, Mr. Feeny; long live my favorite alter ego, Plays With Squirrels; and long live  the funniest line in the whole show, “UNDAPANTS”.

Honorable Mentions: Gilmore Girls, Game of Thrones, Gossip Girl, Charmed, Dancing With The Stars, Property Brothers, Full House, The Nanny, Modern Family, Sabrina: The Teenage Witch

Prompt: List your ten favorite TV shows. 

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