Blast From The Past, Wish For The Future

One of my favorite movies growing up was this one called Crossroads. It’s mainly about three girls who reconnect after a long-lost friendship, and it starred Britney Spears, Zoe Saldana, Taryn Manning, and Dan Aykroyd. Long story short, I lived for this movie.

The whole thing starts with a prologue of sorts, when the three girls are ten years old. We see them bury a time capsule, and make a promise to dig it up after their high school graduation. In the time capsule, each girl put in a memento for what they wish most for, with hopes of making their wish come true by the time they graduate.

Fast forward eight years to graduation, where we find out that none of the girls are friends anymore. One (named Kit) fell in with the popular crowd, another (named Lucy) became a scholar, and the last (named Mimi) ended up with the kind of crowd who came from “the wrong side of the tracks”. Mimi reminded Lucy and Kit about their pact, and the three girls dug up their time capsule.

All to find that none of their wishes really came true.

Upset with the outcome, the girls find themselves going on a road trip together (with this older guy, Ben, who we won’t even talk about, because he’s completely irrelevant to what I want to focus on). And during this trip, the girls find their way into a new friendship with one another.

Overall, it’s a good, cheesy, guilty pleasure kind of movie. I love everything about it. The one thing that really tied the characters—and basically the whole movie—together was this pact the girls made with the time capsule, and that became something that I wanted to do.

But I had one [important] issue: I never knew what I would put in the capsule.

You can put literally anything in one: something from your past that was precious to you, something you’d want to find later one, something you wish for. A picture, a necklace, money, a knick knack—anything. And I didn’t know what was important enough for me to put in.

I have a memory box in my closet, filled with a bunch of things that I like to look back at every once in a while, but something to bury? I wouldn’t know what to put in it. I’m so indecisive when it comes to that kind of thing. What if I forgot where I’d bury it? I’d lose a memento that means something for me forever. I did not want to take that risk.

If anything, I feel like I would do something more like Mimi did in that movie. While Lucy wished for finding her long-lost mother, and Kit wished for having a Barbie-type body, Mimi wished for travel. She put a globe keychain in the buried box, claiming she wanted the world. But her dream was simple: she just wanted to know what it’s like to put her feet in the Pacific Ocean.

I think I would probably do something like that, put in a little something for every place I want to see. Maybe I’d write a list, and put a little globe in there. Maybe I’d throw in an empty notebook, too, for writing about the places.

Maybe that’s a little far-fetched, and maybe that sounds like something someone would do in a movie. I don’t know. But I don’t think I would know what else to put in a box and bury it.

Prompt: If you were going to bury a time capsule, what would you put in it?

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