Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Alternatively known as Another Music Post From A Girl Who Listens To Music Like It’s Her Literal Conscience, this is basically an addition to past posts about songs that I just can’t seem to get out of my head. Because, you know what? I’ve listened to music for hours every single day of the last five years of my life, give or take a few years. I don’t know, I just can’t seem to not listen to it.

Originally, this was going to be about songs that I connect to as of right now, but I didn’t know how to necessarily explain why I connect to the songs. So instead, I grovel over the artistry and tell you what I love about the songs so much. Enjoy!

The Louvre by Lorde

Lorde_-_MelodramaI recently found a big love and appreciation for Lorde’s music. So much, that I have not one, but two, of her songs on this list. To put it simply, I’m obsessed with her sophomore album, titled Melodrama. I never really paid too much attention to Lorde, until I decided to give this album a go a couple of weeks ago, and I haven’t really listened to much else since. Between her voice and the lyrics and the music behind those elements, it’s truly a masterpiece. I’m currently trying to find myself a way to see her live in April.

The Louvre is basically the only love song on the album that isn’t a post-relationship love song, and it is everything. It’s raw and pure and sweet and honest and I just love it a lot. The switching between the strumming of the guitar and the deep beats in this song really leave a unique mark, and the lyrics are so beautiful. This album in its entirety did a lot for me, but this song alone must be protected at all costs.

Favorite lyrics:

  • I get caught up, just for a minute / but lover, you’re the one to blame, all that you’re doing
  • Okay, I know that you are not my type, still I fall / I’m just a sucker who let you fill her mind

Supercut by Lorde

Lorde_-_MelodramaSimilar to The Louvre, Supercut has been constantly playing on my phone since I downloaded the album onto it; essentially, Melodrama is my entire playlist right now, and I regret nothing. It’s just that good. And similar to most of the album, but unlike The Louvre, Supercut takes place after a breakup. Which is internationally known to have give artists many great songs, and plenty of amazing albums (Rumours and 25, I’m looking at you).

Personally, I feel like this song wouldn’t follow right after a breakup, but more like a couple of weeks—or even months—afterwards. Lorde perfectly portrays how a heartbroken person would reminisce over all the good moments in a past relationship, and yearn for all of that back, without thinking about The Bad Stuff. The heartbroken actually do that all the time, so it’s highly relatable. But besides that, it’s another bangin’ track on this album. This song is my number one favorite song off Melodrama, one hundred percent.

Favorite lyrics:

  • So I fall, it’s a countenancing cause / all the stages and the stars / I turn all of it to just the supercut
  • Because ours are the moments I play in the dark / we were wild and fluorescent, come home to my heart

Disconnect by Clean Bandit feat. Marina and The Diamonds

clean banditAs you may or may not know, I go in and out of dark periods in my life. And just as I got out of my last one, I discovered this song. I’m not really sure as to how I found it, but I did. And as I was listening to the lyrics, I felt like I wrote them. This song hit me hard; whenever I go into my depressive state, I stay away from everyone and everything as much as possible, and this song reflected those feelings that I get.

And then the lighter my state became, I started to hear the song another way. I took it as though I’m always on the internet, the computer, my phone, the TV—basically just always in front of a screen, and how I need to learn when to walk away from that for a while. The song is just so good: Marina’s voice is beautiful (as always), and the music is upbeat dance music, so you can still move to it. It’s a 10/10 for me.

Favorite lyrics:

  • Need to look after myself, yeah I need to take a breath / Need to look after my health, yeah I need to disconnect
  • Looking at the screen, glowing in the dark / I just wanna dream, but I can’t seem to switch off

Africa by Toto

totoThis one’s an older song, released back in 1982. And honestly, I didn’t even know about it up until a few years back, when super-cute celebrity couple Dax Shepherd and Kristen Bell went to Africa for their honeymoon (I think it was their honeymoon, I’m not totally sure). They posted a music video of themselves, lip syncing to this song during their trip, and I basically died from an overdose of cuteness. I didn’t really listen to the song again, until I downloaded the Stranger Things soundtrack onto my phone.

And then I actually listened to the song, and became obsessed. Because of that album, I literally only listened to just this song and Twist of Fate, by Olivia Newton-John, for three weeks straight. It’s the kind of song I would listen to when I need a little light in my life: the music has a whimsical feeling to it, but the lyrics are deeper than you would think. It’s truly a musical gem, in my opinion.

Favorite Lyrics:

  • The wild dogs cry out in the night / as they grow restless longing for some solitary company
  • I seek to cure what’s deep inside / frightened of this thing that I’ve become

Prompt: List four songs that you can’t stop listening to right now. Why can’t you stop listening to them?

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