Oh My Lorde

You know, the majority of the concerts that I’ve attended in my lifetime have been for artists that came out during my parents’ time during their younger years. I’ve seen Journey a handful of times (kind of, even though I barely consider the group Journey because Steve Perry hasn’t been in the band for almost as long as I’ve been living), Heart, Stevie B, TKA, Pat Benatar, REO Speedwagon, Foreigner…and the list goes on. 

I’m not ungrateful, because hey, I love all kinds of music. And having that kind of experience, being able to listen to the stuff my parents listened to when they were my age [with them] is pretty surreal. It’s like watching time warp, and seeing these people who raised you into a person feel alive in a way that you’ve never seen before. I’ve been lucky enough to experience that kind of thing since before I entered my teenaged years.

But where I’m getting at here is that, although I’ve been to all these festivals and concerts and shows with my parents for the music from their time as young adults, I haven’t went to many shows for music from my own time. Although I can tell you that I’ve seen enough Queen and ACDC cover bands to last me a lifetime, I can’t say that I’ve had the chance to see Britney Spears or *NSYNC live. And the fact that the only way I’d be able to see Britney perform now is to see her show, more than two-thirds across the country, in Vegas…hard pass.

If there’s one thing that I know about myself, it’s that I become super passionate about things I find having even a little bit of interest in. I went through my punk phase maybe a little too hard back in middle school, went though the obligatory boyband craze (twice…with *NSYNC as a child, and then again in late 2011, when I learned about One Direction and The Wanted), and I’m all over the place. And yet, I can name the amount of concerts that I’ve been to for artists around my own age on one hand:

  1. The Wanted/Karmin/Dev in sometime in the spring of 2012
  2. One Direction/5 Seconds of Summer during the summer of 2015
  3. Luke Bryan in 2017

And that’s it, unless if you count that I’m going to see Ed Sheeran in September.

So my lust for seeing artists live has been really getting to me lately, even though I’ve always been a bit on edge about it. I don’t know if that makes me sound selfish or like a basic millennial or what, but I want to go to as many concerts as possible while I can.

Which is why I want to see Lorde so badly in April…and if I can possibly come up with the money, see Taylor Swift in the fall. It would be a dream to finally see Taylor, after being a fan for so long, but this post isn’t supposed to be about her. It’s about my my recent obsession, Lorde’s sophomore album, Melodrama.

She’s on tour, and I’m trying to go. One show is in Brooklyn, another in Jersey, and I’m just trying to get there…I just need to get paid first to buy the damn tickets. I feel like I need this, even though I know I can live without it. Her music has just really struck so many chords on me with this damn album, so I want to know what it’s like to experience it live. Because to me, hearing it live is so different from listening to it over the phone or the computer. It’s visual, and it’s raw, and the atmosphere is enticing, and everyone is so…alive.

I want that feeling. I want to feel alive. 

So let’s hope that the gods grace me with the luck to find cheap enough tickets, in seating that isn’t horrible, to see the girl sing. I want this so badly.

Prompt: You have been given $100 on the condition that you must spend it all on yourself. What do you do with it?

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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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