60 Things That Grind My Gears

1. People who are really clingy

No, but really—lay off.

2. People who feel the need to be super secretive

“Where are you going?” “Out.” “Out where?” “Out there.”

3. Having to explain myself to others

Not that I’m trying to be secretive, but I shouldn’t have to tell you why I’m going to Target. (But I’ll probably tell you anyway.)

4. Pringle cans

I think we can all agree on that.

5. Over-examining my mental state
6. Overanalyzing dreams
7. Unnecessary cursing in songs
8. The C Word

C*nt, Cancer, Capitalism, Cannibals—whichever fits. I hate them all.

9. People who have anger issues or get triggered way too easily.
10. The Real Housewives of Wherever

I don’t even watch this show, but everything I hear about it annoys me.

11. The Bachelor(ette)

I’ve actually seen bits and pieces of random episodes, but even the concept of this show is ridiculous.

12. People who abuse the system

Did you really need that handicapped spot? Do you really need food stamps? Are you actually incapable of working? If you answered no to any of those questions, you’re an ass in my book, Buddy.

13. Waiting

For anything.

14. Being late
15. Giving others advice

Especially when you know they’re just going to do what they want, anyway.

16. How hard it is to get my hands on a box of Samoas

Yes, I am aware that it’s Girl Scout season. I am always aware when it’s Girl Scout season. But for some weird reason, Girl Scout cookies are never within my grasp???

17. How hard it is to diet when Samoas and Taco Bell and pasta exist

Real talk

18. When people do things in spite of others

Or maliciously

19. How expensive it is to go places

Airfare, hotel, rent-a-car, food, things to do, etc. Think about it.

21. How expensive concerts are

Why are fun things so much money?

20. How expensive upper education is

I shouldn’t have to borrow all this money from the government just so I can learn things and receive credibility.

22. How expensive shoes are

Why would you buy your kids $100+ shoes?

23. People who feel the need to spell their kid’s name differently to make them ~special~

Newsflash: At least a thousand other kids in the world have the same spelling as your child, so it’s not as special as you think. Also, you’re sentencing yourself (and your child!) to have to do a lot of correcting and explaining…for the rest of your lives.

24. Writer’s block
25. People who publicly count down the days to their birthday

It’s not a holiday; nobody cares.

26. The fact that we accept the love we think we deserve

Especially when it means that we go for people who don’t deserve us. (Thanks Stephen Chbosky for explaining it in the clearest way possible.)

27. Absurd password requirements

Must use letters, numbers, two special characters (but you can’t use these few for whatever reason, we’re not really sure ourselves), but can only be 6-10 characters long…what?

28. People who know they have a problem, but don’t care enough to make a change
29. When people don’t turn lights off after leaving a room

If no one is in the room, who are you leaving the light on for? Casper?

30. When people don’t close doors after leaving a room

If you leave the lights on for Casper, you must be leaving doors open for him, too.

31. When people don’t close cabinets/drawers after taking something out of them

Okay, I really doubt Casper’s going through your stuff.

32. People who treat you poorly just because they’re in a bad mood
33. That dress codes affect females way more than they do males

I’m sorry, why are shoulders and collarbones so distracting?

34. The patriarchy
35. Hype Men

One of the Worst Kinds of People.

36. People who don’t believe in mental illness, medicine, or asking for professional help.
37. Long days
38. Long lines
39. These random moves that kids come up with nowadays

Why is dabbing a thing, and why is the running man suddenly different?

40. Open-mouthed chewing

Nothing makes me cringe like being able to see and hear the food you’re eating.

41. People who drive like the road rules are only suggestions
42. People who drive like maniacs as if they have somewhere to be at a specific time

…when they don’t.

43. Spam email
44. Junk mail

AKA: vintage spam mail.

45. Walking behind an extremely slow walker
46. Sweat stains


47. Politics

Everything and everybody involved. It’s almost not worth my time.

48. How badly paper cuts hurt
49. Singers who need a backing track to perform

Real talent doesn’t need to be pre-recorded.

50. Singers who ask the crowd to sing for them at concerts

I didn’t pay $130 to hear myself sing.

51. Tinder

Even though reading bios is a fun pastime, there are a lot of creeps present. Beware.

52. Bad Hair Days
53. Adult acne

It’s the worst.

54. PDA

You should have seen that one coming.

55. When people make everything a competition

…especially when they’re…

56. Sore losers
57. People who have the “It’s my way or the highway” mentality
58. Screamo music

I like to understand what I’m listening to, thank you very much.

59. Today’s slang terms

No, Thanks.

60. Oppression

…of any kind. It’s not okay.

Prompt: What grinds your gears, and really annoys you?3.3

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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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