February 8

Today is a special day, but I’m not really sure why.

Back in 2012, just a couple of days before my seventeenth birthday, a handful of members of my family had a psychic over for personal readings. (Yes, I do realize how crazy that sounds, considering the chances are that psychics aren’t even real. But I also have a fascination with that kind of stuff, and my mom had seen psychics before, so I was really interested.)

And during my reading, this lady was spurting out random things. Like how she sees two kids in my future (most likely girls), someone from my graduating class was going to die on or near Acorn Street, the name Eddie popped out of nowhere, blah blah blah. I’ll even write down all the details below because I took notes on my phone back then, and still have them for references, in case if you’re interested in reading them.

But anyway, one of the things she mentioned was to remember February 8th. She had no reason behind it, but she said that February 8th will be an important day for me, and to keep that in the back of my mind. No specific year, just that specific day. And you know, a lot of things that psychics say are generalized—and she may have even pulled that date out of thin air—but I don’t know, a part of me felt like that was something I should remember.

This is the first year since then that I actually remembered it. Past years, I wouldn’t realize that the day passed until days or weeks or even months later, and then I would try to remember if anything pivotal or important or significant happened. And even though I sucked at remembering, I was sure that the answer was no. If something significant had happened, I would have remembered…right?

At least that’s what I think.

So here I am, pondering over what could possibly be important about today. Today’s the last day in the department I’m working in, but I feel like that isn’t really too important. Tomorrow’s my road test (finally!), but that’s tomorrow, not today.

I am left feeling underwhelmed by the events of today.

I know that I am probably looking way into this, but I don’t know. Something tells me that maybe Deana was right, that today is important, but also maybe it’s all in my head, or I’m focused on the wrong year. I don’t know, and I hate that. I hate that I don’t know.

February 8th is an important day, and I am left here, sitting at my semi-new desk, wondering why.

Reading: April 15, 2012.
  • She immediately asked who Eddie was. I only really know Uncle Eddie, who I don’t talk to, and Kessler, who I also don’t talk to. She said to remember that name. There is someone that is going to be in my life named Eddie.
  • Oma – Opa is always with her, and she’s going to be here a while. He’s her guardian angel, and he’s watching out for her. She’s going to have something wrong with her lungs, but she’ll be okay. She said that Oma has a good sense of humor, that she’s funny.
  • Nanny – She’s going to be around for a while, she’s too stubborn and too strong to leave. There’s a Chinese herb that could save her life, it’ll get her off the tube.
  • Dad – He can be selfish and conceited. Deana said that he looks out for us, but does what’s good for him.
  • Mom – Even though we’ve always been close, we’re going a little rocky. We have to hang out, just the two of us, somewhere by water. Deana senses that we are the exact same person on the inside.
  • Joanne – She’s going to be pregnant by September. It’ll be the girl, and she’ll be the last. She’s going to come by sometime soon, too. She’s staying in Florida to live, but she’ll visit. She’s happy where she is with her family.
  • Rick – He and Ryan are going to have baby issues. They’re not going to get pregnant until their thirties, and they’ll only have a couple of kids. They’re fine though, and happy.
  • Brianna – She is closed up, and she is angry. She may be depressed. I have to talk to her, try to get her to open up. I have to get her in touch with her feelings. She’ll be fine.
  • Caitlyn – She looks up to me, and I’m the first person she goes to. I have to put her in the right direction, set a good example. We’ll be close, but she’ll fade out around 15, because of that teenage stage. Other than that, she’ll come back, stronger, and more family-oriented. She’ll be just fine.
  • Heinrich – Deana immediately said that he’s really smart. He’ll do really well, as long as I put him in the right direction. I’m like a mother figure, so I have to watch out for him. She repeatedly mentioned how smart he is.
  • She immediately sensed that I have two good friends. She quoted us as “the three musketeers”. She said one is going to be abused by a boyfriend, and is going to push away, but will eventually come back to us. We’ll really be friends forever, and the other friend will always be close to me. Someone is gong to go through sudden surgery, possibly in the mouth?
  • Jeanette – She immediately said that we were closer to each other than with Britt, and that she saw her sexually active, that she recently had been with a boy. She said to watch out for her, she’s going to need me. I’m very important to her, and I’m going to help her a lot. She said that she’ll be pregnant by the time we graduate, and I’ll be the one to help her through it all.
  • February 8th is important. REMEMBER THAT DATE.
  • Someone in our class is going to die, most likely a Hispanic male. She said she kept on hearing the word acorn being repeated. It’s most likely a drive-by, and he’s not the intended target. She said it’s going to be a wrong-place-at-wrong-time situation.
  • I’m going to travel with Rebecca, and we’re going to go while we’re young. We’re going to have a great time, most likely within the next five years.
  • I’m going to go to a local school on the island, and I’m going to graduate. Most likely in the psychology field. I’m going to do really well with life financially.
  • I’m going to get married and have two children, most likely girls.
  • The guy I’m going to marry will be ‘in my backyard’. I’m not going to realize he’s for me, and I may have met him already. I may meet him at college, or at work, but he’ll be behind me in some way. He’ll be older, but not too old. She said my maturity brings me to be attractive to older men.

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