Updates and Changes

Hello friends! Long time, no talk, considering I’m supposed to be writing every day. I am really sorry about that, by the way…but hey, at least my friends on Facebook were getting a little break from me. I promise I will eventually get back into the swing of things. You just have to give me time.

So, anyway, I thought that I would give you some quick updates on My Life.

First things first, I got my driver’s license last month (…which you probably already know). It’s no secret; I was even annoying enough to announce it on Facebook. While others my age are building their careers, having kids, and getting engaged, I’m doing things I probably should have years ago. I guess I’m kind of a late bloomer.

Oh! Speaking of engagements, my dad proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Josie, this past weekend. It was a long time coming, but it finally happened. So now I have two happily engaged parents, which is kind of cool. I’m really excited to see what the future holds; this is a big thing to happen. My dad used to swear up and down that he’d never get married again…so I guess you can say that he’s had a change of heart on the matter.

Also, Josie’s supposed to be moving in the house this month, and if I’m going to be frank…I am not excited to see how mornings are going to go; they’re already hard enough between just me and Brianna. If you don’t know the feeling, having a one-bathroom home kind of sucks when everybody goes to work around the same time.

This ought to get interesting.

Other than that, my dad and I got my car registered last week, so I am officially on the road. I’ve been taking it back and forth between home and work, and it has been interesting so far. For one thing, it’s weird not riding with Aunt Roxanne; for another, I can’t believe I hadn’t got my shit together sooner. It’s so nice not having to depend on anyone, and being able to go wherever I want. Not like I’ve went much of anywhere else besides work—but that’s not the point. I need to be a little less lazy, make plans, and more money.

Which will hopefully be happening very soon.

I’m currently training for my new position at work. I used to be a Home Health Aide Coordinator Assistant (long title, I know), but now I’m considered an Intake Support Coordinator, which is kind of cool. I’m going to have to deal with insurances and data entry, and with people who are actually less than twenty years older than me! Most of the girls are actually right around my age, and I’m in an open area, so now I can actually talk—it’s great. I already love it.

And what makes me love it even more is that I am supposed to be transitioning to a full time employee. Can you believe it? Instead of making $12 an hour, I’ll finally be making real people money. I’ll be able to afford my bills, have a couple bucks to myself, and get some paid time off. Let’s just say that I am really looking forward to that kind of life.

And on top of all of this, I’ve been going to the gym with one of my best friends, Jeanette; so that’s something out of my comfort zone that I’ve actually been enjoying. I’m not in love with it or look forward to it yet, but when I’m actually physically there, I don’t hate it. I think I enjoy the cardio more than anything else, and dislike working on my arms the most (probably because they’re weak as hell). I even got motivated enough to invest in a Fitbit.

So things have been going up for me, despite the fact that my room remains a disaster. It looks like a tornado hit and ran. I want to try to clean it later (something I’ve been saying every weekend for the past month), but we’ll see how that goes.

But I really think this weekend is the only time to do it, considering Caitlyn and I are going to Florida next weekend. We’re going to see Joanne and Mike and the kids, and I’m really looking forward to getting there and hanging out. I haven’t been doing much hanging out up here, and I also just really want to go somewhere and do things. I’m not looking forward to the plane part (it’s not really a height thing, it’s more of an anxiety over travel), but I’m looking forward to just being there and having fun with some family.

So that’s just about all I got going on right now. It’s a lot of life changes, but they’re all on the positive side of things (oh, by the way, the whole Keeping Positive thing seems to be really working out for me!). Hopefully I will get back into writing sooner than later, but I will be sure to keep you updated!

À bientôt, bitches.


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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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