Giving In To The Rush

Let’s be real here: you’re a true New Yorker if you’re fluent in Rushing. Most of us go through our daily lives running around like anxiety-ridden, running-on-three-and-a-half-hours-of-sleep-and-two-cups-of-coffee mad men, all twenty minutes late to wherever we have to be.

…basically at all times.

We drive in between each other on the parkways and highways; speeding, swerving, and making last-minute decisions on wherever we’re going, quick to blame The Other Guy if any trip of ours goes any way other than smoothly.

We procrastinate on most things, until the very last possible minute, and then we suddenly move like we have less than an hour to find the cure to cancer. Let’s face it: we’re not the best with time management, or at least sticking to it, so we have to excel in Rushing. Some of us even feed off of that kind of adrenaline.

Deadline: a New Yorker’s favorite word. It just screams competition; a race to the finish line, where the clock is our only opponent. And boy, do we love a good challenge.

Have you ever seen the atmosphere change, out of nowhere, in an office after lunch time? It can be “dead” all morning, and then suddenly, everybody is typing away, running to the printers and copy machines, trying to get as much as possible done so that they can leave and try to beat traffic. You know, rush hour

What’s funny is that it’s not just these little things we hustle on through. We force ourselves into relationships, into adulthood, into parenthood. Nothing is ever good enough for us; we are always left wanting more, bigger, and better. And a lot of us try to find the quickest way to get there, because how many people actually care about the journey?

The way I see it: not enough of us.

We give in to the quick pace of life, without stopping to smell the roses. And while lot of us don’t even give ourselves the time to think about it, others do, but don’t even care. To us, it’s all about where we need to get to next.

Truly enjoying moments come far and few. Yes, we go out with our friends, spend quality time with family, and set some time aside for ourselves—but do we even give ourselves a minute to try to remember those moments? Like the way the kids get excited over thunderstorms, how much you’ve missed your mother’s cooking, or how good it feels to go for a walk in a place you thought you knew so well?

Sadly, the answer is no; not really.

Instead, we give in to the rush. We accept that life keeps moving, no matter how often we want to take a moment. So we continue on, pushing through crowds, unaware that it only takes a quick second to embrace our surroundings. We can already feel the anxiety creeping in; we’re running late to the next big thing coming our way.

Prompt: What comes to mind of when you think of the word “rush“?

Today’s prompt was inspired by The Daily Post.

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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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