Glass Houses

People who live in glass houses should not walk around naked. What’s the fun in baring all when everyone’s watching? Do you not care about the consequences of your actions? What about mystery; do you not want people to have to guess what’s underneath it all?

I guess I understand the rush of it all when you’re in the moment, but what about afterwards? Do you go on about your day, completely okay with showing your true self all of the time? Is there no filter to you?

If people were transparent, everybody else in this world would not be as interested as they are when there are questions to be asked.

How did you get this way? What’s behind the madness? What did you have to do to get here? Did you learn to dance from your mother, or did you find a passion in it on your own?

The way that I look at it is like this: I like mystery, and I like to learn. When somebody just kind of lays out all of their cards for me, I lose interest quicker than not. I like unfolding layers, slowly collecting somebody’s fears and passions, their dreams and their flaws. I like getting to the root of everything, and truly understanding.

When somebody tells me their deal right off the bat, they become boring to me. I can’t necessarily say that I’m more interested in people who go out of their way to hide motives and feelings and a piece of themselves, but I would much rather people reveal themselves over time.

Some people are open books, some are locked shut, and others just kind of wait for people to be interested enough to read them. If we all kept our books open for the world to read, nothing would be sacred. That’s why we choose what to reveal.

I have met all three kinds of people in this world, and there are good qualities in all of them, but I’m not completely comfortable with locked books; they give me an eerie feeling. When people have something (or in some cases, everything) to hide, I can’t help but feel confused and stressed and all-around frustrated about said person.

I think that there is no good reason to hide things. I do believe in waiting for somebody to ask what your deal is, but to outwardly not want to share is weird. I mean, unless if you’re shown time and time again that you just can’t put your trust into someone. That I understand, but why close off that trust from everybody? I think you need to find at least one person in this world that you can trust endlessly. Whether that be a parent, sibling, friend, therapist, etcetera, is on you. But everybody needs somebody to talk to.

I like big windows, and open spaces; I also like distance and personal space. I think we need to find a balance in this world, one where we can be open and honest, but also be able to keep things to ourselves until we find it fit to turn the page.

So, if you live in a glass house, maybe you shouldn’t walk around naked…but it doesn’t hurt to show a little skin. It doesn’t hurt to walk around sans pants sometimes.

Prompt: Make up a new ending for this saying: “People who live in glass houses should not…”

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A twenty-two year old who lives through words and her Netflix account. She makes herself laugh more than others, and she claims that she is okay with that.

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