I’m A Writer, Part Two

I started writing at a really young age. I remember my teachers from elementary school submitting my assignments for contests that were held throughout the school year, and finding my work on the walls, in different halls. I always had a vivid imagination, consumed with the ideas of magic and grandeur, life always moving on and throwing you around. I started out as a little girl with a lot of things to think about and say, and paper just seemed to be the perfect place to do that. Continue reading “I’m A Writer, Part Two”

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Alternatively known as Another Music Post From A Girl Who Listens To Music Like It’s Her Literal Conscience, this is basically an addition to past posts about songs that I just can’t seem to get out of my head. Because, you know what? I’ve listened to music for hours every single day of the last five years of my life, give or take a few years. I don’t know, I just can’t seem to not listen to it. Continue reading “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”

A 20-Something Reject

Have those who played it safe learn to from being rejected? Or do they do so that they never have to know what’s it’s like to feel rejected in the first place? As for me, it’s probably a mixture of both; I try to steer away from even the possibility of feeling rejection as much as possible. Continue reading “A 20-Something Reject”

The Best Of Times…And The Worst

There are two things you need to know about me; one, I don’t drink very often, and two, if I’ve done something once and didn’t like the experience, I never try to do it again. So, clearly, there’s a story as to why I’m like that. And I’m going to tell you it. Continue reading “The Best Of Times…And The Worst”

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Last summer, when the whole world was really into Pokémon Go, I had a very awkward encounter, because of the gaming app. It was probably the middle of August, and I was riding around the island with Jeanette. I didn’t really play the game, but she was really into it, so what we did a lot that summer was venture out and find as many Pokémon as we could. Continue reading “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”

Eye Contact

Holding eye contact with someone can be scary—especially when you’re shy. I’ve had a problem with looking people in the eyes for a long time, but I’ve been getting better at it. It’s hardly a problem for my anymore, because I’ve practiced by forcing myself to look people right in their corneas. Continue reading “Eye Contact”

14 Phrases I Should Probably Stop Saying So Often

So I’ve come to realize that the last couple of posts I put together were a little on the darker, deeper side, so I thought that I would lighten things up a bit. Continue reading “14 Phrases I Should Probably Stop Saying So Often”