New York State Of Mind

I love New York; I love being a New Yorker, a Long Islander, a south shore girl. No matter how much others complain about how expensive or cold it gets here, nobody will ever be able to convince me to think of my home state as anything but my favorite place to be. Continue reading “New York State Of Mind”


Most of us grow up with someone to look up to: someone we admire for all the things they do for us, or the things they’ve done for others, or for accomplishing things that we want for ourselves. I just happen to be so lucky to have that someone be a person that has not only been in and around my life forever, but also help raise me.  Continue reading “M.V.P”

Things I Could Never Do: An Anti-Bucket List

Writing about things that we want to do with our time is often easy. I can go on and on about the things I want for myself, for the people I love, and for this world. But then I thought: what about the stuff I don’t want? The things I don’t want to do, the person I don’t want to be? And then I thought, what if instead of making a bucket list, that I made an anti-bucket list? Continue reading “Things I Could Never Do: An Anti-Bucket List”

Oh My Lorde

You know, the majority of the concerts that I’ve attended in my lifetime have been for artists that came out during my parents’ time during their younger years. I’ve seen Journey a handful of times (kind of, even though I barely consider the group Journey because Steve Perry hasn’t been in the band for almost as long as I’ve been living), Heart, Stevie B, TKA, Pat Benatar, REO Speedwagon, Foreigner…and the list goes on.  Continue reading “Oh My Lorde”

The Best Kind Of Friend

Every once in a while, we meet people who we just click with. Sometimes, it happens within the very first conversation you have with them; other times, it happens later on. But either way, something about them peaks your interest, and makes you want to be their friend. Continue reading “The Best Kind Of Friend”