Top Ten Favorite Things About Christmastime

Besides October and Halloween(-time?), Christmastime is my favorite time of the year. And, thankfully, we haven’t been hit with too much snow yet; we’ve just had light coatings lately, and are actually supposed to be getting a couple of inches today! So prepare yourselves, lads. Continue reading “Top Ten Favorite Things About Christmastime”

Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

Like most other millennials out there, I am an avid viewer of television. Also like many other millennials, I’ve watched a good amount of Netflix, so I think that I’ve seen all the best shows out there. Okay, so maybe I know that I haven’t watched the Best Television Shows Of All Time, but I’ve definitely watched some that were so good, that I’ve went back and watched them again—multiple times, even. And after thinking about which ones were my favorites, this is what I’ve come up with. Continue reading “Top Ten Favorite TV Shows”

Top Ten Favorite Christmas Songs

Hello, December!

I don’t know what most people consider Christmastime, but for me, December is just another name for Christmastime. Yeah, I guess you could say that I’m into the holidays. Continue reading “Top Ten Favorite Christmas Songs”

Disney Kid At Heart

Have I mentioned yet how psyched I am to be going to Florida in a couple of days? You know, where the Happiest Place on Earth is? Yeah? Well I’m going to be getting into it again.

I haven’t seen my older sister, Joanne, and her family in a while. And by a while, I mean two years. Two effing years. Continue reading “Disney Kid At Heart”


I get bored easily, and that’s a fact. Because I basically lived a scheduled life, Most things are expected to happen. Nothing is exciting, unless something comes in the mail for me (that isn’t my bank statement from Bethpage). Continue reading “(Yawn)”

Life Goals

The brain is a magnificent organism; whether you know it or not, it has goals that it wants to reach. It endlessly makes up new things that it wants to do. And we, somehow, find ourselves longing to fulfill these desires. You, Barbara from work, and I all have these short-term and long-term goals set in our brains, and we work our entire lives checking each off from the mental Bucket List in our heads. I, for one, am excited to share my most desired goals with you Continue reading “Life Goals”


I am the queen of ProcrastiNation.

You will know when I am trying to push something off, because I suddenly become a busy bee. I have things to do, people to see, shows to watch… Continue reading “Procrastination”