Are You Still Up?

Oma asks me this same question every night. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10:00pm on her way to her room, or 3:00am for her midnight snack, she’ll walk by my door, and ask, “are you still up?” Continue reading “Are You Still Up?”

The Link Is In The Description

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I was going through a rough patch. A really rough patch. I rarely left my bedroom house, I barely spoke to anybody, and I didn’t eat all that much. Yeah, that’s when you know it’s bad; even food wasn’t my friend. And I love food. Continue reading “The Link Is In The Description”

Like A Bird Set Free

Everything that I write on my blog comes from me, in the moment. A lot of the posts I write touch up more on my past than my present, and there might be an issue because of this. Had I written those things down in the moment they were happening, or right after, I would have a better detail and memory as to what actually happened. Continue reading “Like A Bird Set Free”

Home Sweet Home

Isn’t it weird that whenever you’re home for an extended period of time, you’d like to be anywhere but there; but when you’re away for a while, that’s the only place you want to be? Whether it’s the smell of breakfast in the morning, how excited the dogs get when you walk in through the door, the feel of the Egyptian cotton sheets on your bed, or just the sight of your mother’s face—you miss it. Continue reading “Home Sweet Home”

What The Hell Is Even Going On

You know how people say things like, “life moves fast,” and “things can happen in the blink of an eye”? Yeah, well, this morning was interesting. Continue reading “What The Hell Is Even Going On”

Fall, For Me

If someone asked me to point out the worst time of the year in New York, I would tell them just about any time in between August and September. This is because as much as I hate the heat of summertime, I hate that awkward stage in between Summer and Fall even more. It’s like a huge tease; mornings are cool and crisp, perfect for jeans and sweaters—and then by noon, we’re sweating through our clothes. Continue reading “Fall, For Me”