You grew up seeing skin and bone in the spotlight. Girls plastered on every page of every magazine you skim through in the grocery store: tight faces, delicate fingers, visible clavicles, and protruding hips. You see it on every channel on the television, in music videos, in the movies, everywhere. This is what made you realize that this is what beautiful looked like to the rest of the world. Continue reading “Thinspiration”

Glass Houses

People who live in glass houses should not walk around naked. What’s the fun in baring all when everyone’s watching? Do you not care about the consequences of your actions? What about mystery; do you not want people to have to guess what’s underneath it all? Continue reading “Glass Houses”

Giving In To The Rush

Let’s be real here: you’re a true New Yorker if you’re fluent in Rushing. Most of us go through our daily lives running around like anxiety-ridden, running-on-three-and-a-half-hours-of-sleep-and-two-cups-of-coffee mad men, all twenty minutes late to wherever we have to be. Continue reading “Giving In To The Rush”

Right Now

It’s Saturday night, and I’m writing from my mom’s kitchen while Caitlyn and Heinrich watch Rent in the living room. I’m watching them while Mom and Chris are at a freestyle concert with some friends of theirs. I’m typing this out with pretty blue nails, I’ve got a healing ear from a very recent piercing, and I’m still starstruck from having seen Lorde last night.  Continue reading “Right Now”

Long Time, No Speak

Hello friends! So, I realize I went completely AWOL. I also realize I wrote in one of my last posts that I would catch up to my one-post-a-day entries. Something tells me that I won’t be able to catch up at this point. Continue reading “Long Time, No Speak”